Top 5 Gifts for Boys 9 to Teen

1. iPOD Touch - This is the portable gaming unit/entertainment system for big boys. If they already have an iPhone or iPod Touch, then iTunes gift cards are always well received by boys this age.

2. Skateboard - It's funny how toys, like fashion always return to popularity.

3. Professional sports team jersey - Find out their favorite team (MLB, NFL, NBA, or NHL) and look for an authentic jersey. It is an even better gift if it is an authentic jersey of their favorite player. In some cities, college football counts as a professional sport.

4. Nerf guns - The paintball guns. They are relatively inexpensive and with eye-protection, pretty safe. Nerf guns are very popular with not only this age group, but most men in general. The Nerf N-Strike Maverick pistol and the Two Player Nerf Tag Set are the highest selling gun sets.

5. Indoor Remote Controlled Helicopter - These mini helicopter's techology is amazing for the price and so much better than making paper airplanes.

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