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Top 10 Birthday Party Themes for a 6 Year Old Boy

Birthday party themes for a 6 year old boy range from Star Wars to Pokemon. Consider the length of the party and the number of guests expected at the party before selecting a theme. Most important, the party theme should reflect the personality of the birthday boy.

1. Star Wars Party

Whether inspired from the Star Wars movies or the Star Wars the Clone Wars animated television show, Star Wars is big with six year old boys. Just take a look at the clothing and toys next time you go shopping. Star Wars items are popular. Serve up some Jengo Fett juice and Wookie cookies to go along with the Star Wars birthday cake at the party.

2. Minecraft Party

Minecraft is the most popular game for 6 year old boys on the xBox and ipod touch. Although harder to find since its popularity is new, some Minecraft party supplies are available online. If you prefer to do it yourself, the blocky Minecraft shape allows some creativy with party decorations and foods.

3. Pirate Kids Party

Pirates have been a popular theme with boys for a long time. With the more recent popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean and LEGO's new Pirates video game, boys have more reason to like the pirate theme. There are plenty of decorating choices such as pirate ships, treasure chests, swords or the jolly Roger flag to help set the pirate theme for the party. Consider a treasure hunt with a real pirate map as a great party activity where kids find their goodie bags.

4. Baseball Theme Party

Baseball is a wholesome party theme kids love. There are plenty of decorating and snack choices for a baseball theme party. Most kids have a baseball jersey of some kind. Ask the party guests to wear a baseball shirt to the party.

5. Angry Birds Party

The popular app game is also an extremely popular party theme for 6 year old kids. Angry Bird decorations are now readily available in local retail stores or online. The Angry Birds concept also makes great opportunities for creative activities during the birthday party.

6. Soccer Theme Party

Soccer is a great party theme when the guests are both boys and girls. A soccer party offers easy decorating and if the party can be taken outdoors, plenty of activities during the party

7. Pokemon Party

This party theme, is for boys who like Pokemon. Party decorations are a little harder to find for Pokemon. Pokemon posters are available to help decorate. Play the Pokemon card game or let kids trade Pokemon cards to keep them busy during the party.

8. LEGO Theme Party

Six year olds really like LEGOS. There are different LEGO themes like Ninjago, LEGO city, LEGO castle or LEGO Star Wars. Pick a theme or go with a theme that includes all types of LEGOS. Be creative by serving jell-o snacks shaped like LEGO blocks or create a large lego statue to decorate.

9. GI Joe Party Theme

Boys love the military. Use camouflage to decorate. Get the birthday boy his own pretend army uniform for the party. A GI Joe party is especially great for military families. A bag of green army men makes a great goodie bag to give out to the party guests.

10. Bakugan / Beyblade Party

Choose one or combine both themes together. Six year old boys love bakugans and beyblade. Kids can bring their own bakugans and beyblades to the party to play or trade. This gives kids plenty of activities during the party. This is a good theme for an all-boy party if the kids are really into these games.


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