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Fancy Nancy Birthday Party Ideas

Fancy Nancy makes a perfect girls birthday party theme. Every posh girl, likes to dress up and pretend they enjoy beautiful things. Fancy decorations, party foods, and games help to fulfill every girl's wish on their birthday.


Preparing for the Party

Fancy Invitations to a Birthday Party

Start the party off right by mailing out fancy invitation cards to the girls (or boys) invited to the party. Use a good quality parchment paper and a fancy font style for the printing. Say something fabulous to get the party guest in the spirit of the theme. For example:

Miss Lisa,

You are cordially (a fancy word for warmly) invited to attend the 7th birthday celebration (fancy for party) of Miss Jane Smith. The event will take place at two o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday, August the 25th in the year two-thousand and twelve at Miss Smith's residence (a fancy word for house).

If you prefer pre-made invitation cards, there are Fancy Nancy Invitations available. The cards come in packs of 8 and are priced under $4 per pack.

Sending the invitation by mail is the proper way to invite the guests. Girls and parents will both appreciate receiving an actual invitation which indicates the theme of the party, date, time, and place.

Fancy Decorations and Party Supplies

A Fancy Nancy party allows either a simple approach of decorating with flair or providing decorations with the Fancy Nancy character. One of the best ideas for using the Nancy character in the decorating is wall decals. Peel and stick wall decals are easily placed on flat walls in party areas. They are also easily removed, by peeling them off.

Try a toy chandelier to make any room fancy. Creativity for kids offers a toy chandelier that is perfect for a party. Assembly is required for the chandlier, so it also makes a fun craft project in the weeks before the birthday party.



Fancy Nancy Basic Party PackEither use a fancy printed pattern for the party plates, cups, and napkins or use Fancy Nancy character party supplies. A Fancy Nancy Basic Party Pack is available which includes plates, napkins, cups, balloons, and invitations.





One of the best decorations for a Fancy Nancy birthday party is a personalized wall banner with the child's name and how old they are. The banners need to be ordered ahead of time and start at under $16 for a 18" x 61" wide banner up to just under $50 for a 30" x 100" banner. Other ideas include a Fancy Nancy Centerpiece for the party table or a Personalized Centerpiece for under $8. For the party table, use a Fancy Nancy Tablecover to decorate and protect the table.



Fancy Party Foods

Party foods or hors dourves in Nancy speak, have huge possibilities not only to stick to the theme, but for fun in creation before or during a party.

Cupcake Decorating

fancy cupcake decoratingAn activity that many girls like is decorating cupcakes. Either make standard size cupcakes, before the party, or mini cupcakes before or during the party. Mini-cupcake makers are now available for a low cost that can make a small batch of treats very quickly. Have a large assortment of icing, sprinkles, and other edible decorations available for fancy nancy cupcakesthe party guests to make their own desert treat. Having the girls make their own desert during the party, will not only provide a good party activity, but save some time before the birthday. If the party girl prefers, cookies can be substituted for cupcakes.


Tea Party

fancy tea partyA tea party is essential during a Fancy Nancy event. Even though my daughter prefers real tea, I would suggest using a mixture of 7-up and red fruit juice as a substitute for the tea. Use white or pink tea cups for each guest. Before the party, make a little name tag by the place setting of each girl.

Ice Cream Anyone?

Readers of Fancy Nancy stories know that one of her favorite things to do with her family is a visit to the local ice cream shop. There are a few activities to connect this type of event to a themed party. First, a trip to an ice cream parlor may not be practical for a group of kids during a party, but serving ice cream cones at home is possible. Select ice cream flavors that kids like, but are colorful. For example, mint chocolate chip, black cherry, and strawberry are colorful, yet tasty flavors for a party. Otherwise, vanilla ice cream with pink sprinkles is an option, although cleaning up little sprinkles takes time.

Fancy Nancy Party Activities

Fancy Artwork

One of Fancy Nancy's books revolves around her leaning about art. Nancy tries her hand at painting. The results are mixed, but Nancy learns to appreciate art and has fun in the process. This concept leads to a great party activity. Small canvas are available for a relatively low cost. Providing non-toxic paints for party guests to create their own masterpiece, is a great themed party activity. Guest will also have something to take home at the end of the party. You will need enough paint brushes an small paint containers for all the guests to work. Also provide examples of famous artwork such as Monet for the girls to gain inspiration.

Fancy Party Games

Ice Cream Games

Going back to Nancy's love of ice cream, there are some great party games with an ice cream theme. The first game is Scoop Em Up. This game is great for two teams of players. Each player must stack a certain amount of scoops on their cone. When they are finished, they pass the cone and the next player does the same until everyone on the team has finished. The first team to finish is the winner. This is not exactly how the directions for Scoop Em Up are listed, but it is a great way to use this game during a party.

The second game is similar to the first only the scoops are harder to balance. This ice-cream theme game is called We all scream for ice cream. There are two cones that come with the game so teams would need to be formed to play during a party.

There is also a carnival-type game called the Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag Game. Players toss bean bags through different ice cream scoop holes in the game board to score points. This is an easy game to set up for either younger players or older kids.

Fancy Nancy Card Game

The Fancy Nancy Card Game is produced by Briarpatch and is available for under $10. Up to 6 players can play along in this themed game. This game is a little like the adult game pit. Players quickly try to collect 8 posh accessories for their fancy outfit. The first player to collect 8 is the winner. Games are quick so everyone gets a chance to win. Players do not have to know how to read to play since they are looking for images.

Fashion Show

Provide some fancy hats, vests, and scarves for the party guests to create outfits. Once they make their creations they can show them off in a mini-fashion show. Encourage their designs and have all the guests cheer each other.

Gift Suggestions for the Party

With the popularity of the Fancy Nancy character still growing, there is a decent supply of themed gifts now available. There are more than 50 books now published with this great character for girls that all present a good message, while teaching girls new vocabulary words like posh, delectable, and adore. There are also Fancy Nancy games and puzzles available for age 3-10. For doll-lovers there is an explorer plush doll available. There is also the Fabulous Fancy Nancy doll (the only difference are the outfits and the price). The Nancy dolls have many different outfits available to dress her up in different fancy clothes.

Fabulous Fancy Nancy DOLL Approx 18 inches




Azure Butterfly Outfit






Bon Journey Ensemble Outfit