Gifts for a Child Baptism

A baptism or Christening is a major life event signifying that a child belongs to God. The caregivers of the child typically take a vow to nurture and care for the child as God calls. Celebrating with family or friends after the baptism of a boy or girl helps to show love and support for the child. It is appropriate to offer a gift to the child to celebrate their baptism. There are many types of gifts available, but the gift should reflect the celebration of the significance of the baptism.

1. Christmas Ornament

A simple gift which can be displayed year after year by the boy or girl's parents and the baptized child when they are grown is a baptism Christmas ornament. Each year when the birth of Jesus is celebrated at Christmas time, the baptism can also be remembered.

2. Photos

Themed baptism or Christening photo frames and photo albums are a classic gift that can be offered to the child's family. The photos for the frame or album can be prepared ahead of time so the gift is available the day of the baptism or photos can be taken the day of the baptism. A note indicating that photos from baptism were taken and will be provided once developed can be included with the gift.

4" x 6" vertical "Baby's Baptism" Pewter Photo Frame

4" x 6" horizontal "Baby's Baptism" Photo Frame - also says "May the Lord Bless You Today and Always"

Baby's Christening Photo Album

3. Childrens Bible

Many churches give the parents a bible after the child's baptism. The bible may be appropriate for children or may be intended for the child when they are better able to read. There are some excellent children's bibles available which will help to engage younger children to bible stories with illustrations and a vocabulary which is on a child's level.

4. Christian Childrens Videos

A more modern gift that would be appropriate for a baptism are a few Christian-themed videos. Many of the early VeggieTales movies have a good Christian theme and offer entertainment that kids will want to watch over and over. Here are some of their good movies with the Christian story or message.

VeggieTales: Josh and the Big Wall (Joshua and the walls of Jericho)

VeggieTales: Where's God when I'm S-Scared? (a lesson in handling fear)

VeggieTales: King George and the Ducky (King David and Bathsheba - teaches being happy with what you have)

VeggieTales: Lyle and the Kindly Viking (sharing and stealing)

5. Christian Children's Books

Consider a Christian children's book and write a personal inscription in the front cover of the book so they will remember their baptism or Christening when they get older as they read the book. There are a few very good Christian childrens books available that would make appropriate gifts.

Water Comes Down, by Walter, Jr. Wangerin and Gerardo Suzan: A great children's book which covers the baptism topic

Baby's First Book of Prayers, by Melody Carlson: A nice book that helps children to start to learn the topic of prayer

My Baptism Book, by Sophie Piper and Dubravka Kolanovic: Another childrens book covering baptism

God Gave Us You, by Lisa Tawn Bergren and Laura J. Bryant: A very nice children's book that kids love and adults love to read to children. One of the most popular Christian-oriented children's books in recent times

6. Necklace (for Girls)

Jewelry makes a good gift for girls for their baptism. A necklace with a locket or cross makes a nice keepsake as they grow older. The locket can contain an inscription or a photo commemorating the event. The cross can also be inscribed on the back to make the gift special. Little Things Mean A Lot offers a Girls Christening to Wedding Bracelet. This bracelet can be attached to the baby's wrist or to their Christening gown. The bracelet can then be worn later on their wedding day as part of a bouquet or wedding garter.

7. Investment

A small starting investment always is a good gift for a young child to help them prepare for their future. A savings bond or a share of stock are a good way to share a small part of your own financial blessings with the baptized child.