How to Make an Easy Paper Flower Craft for Kids

Kids love to make paper flowers. They are easy and fun to make. Paper flower make a great activity during a party or kids can make their own decorations for their party using this easy craft. Here is how to get started.

Warning: Normal size scissors are shown in the photo. These are best used by an adult. If you would rather have the child cut the paper, child-safe scissors should be used.

Easy steps to making paper flowers

kids craft, make paper flowerSupplies needed:

  • Paper
  • Glue stick
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Crayons or markers
  • Green pipe cleaner (optional)


1.Cut out a small rectangle or square out of the piece of paper.

paper flower craft for kids

2. Draw two lines which make 4 equal size rectangles. Using scissors, cut half way inside each line towards the middle.

paper flower cutting

3. Cut a thin rectangle, which will become the stem. Place a little glue on one end and fasten it to the middle of one side of the flower.

making paper flower

4. Here is the stem attached to the flower. A green pipe cleaner could also be used instead of the paper stem.

paper flower stem

5. Color each flower pedal in a color of your choice. The color can all be the same, but are more interesting if they are different.

paper flower color

6. Color both sides of the stem green or the color of your choice.

kids paper flower

7. The simple flower craft is complete. If you wish you can curl up the ends of the flower pedals to be more realistic.

making a paper flower