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Indoor Birthday Party Games for Kids

Traditional party games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs are not the only indoor birthday party games for kids. There are plenty of fun indoor games for kids on a rainy day or during a planned indoor party.

Trivia Games

Trivia games are great for all age kids. For more fun, tie the trivia questions to the theme of the birthday party. If you do not want to spend the time creating the trivia game on your own there are pre-made games available that are suitable for kids. For example, a great trivia game to play at a Disney-theme party is Scene it - Magical Moments Disney DVD Game. Players have to answer trivia questions from questions on cards or video clues from the provided DVD.

Mini Carnival Games

An indoor space like a family room, rec room, or basement is large enough to host several different carnival games. Carnival-type games are quite suited for younger kids. With the games, tickets for doing well in each game will help keep kids interested in playing again. If the kids collect enough tickets they can use them to trade for a small toy or prize as a replacement for a take-home party favor. Choose simple games that kids easily understand like tossing a ping-pong ball into a cup, ring toss, a small bowling game where they knock over empty plastic water bottle with a small ball. There are many different simple games that are quickly played and do not take up too much space. Use your imagination to make things fun for the age of kids expected at the party.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt makes a nice game during a party. A well-planned hunt, is both entertaining and memorable for kids. Consider tying the questions and theme of the scavenger hunt to the theme of the party. For example, a planned Harry Potter or a pirate theme scavenger hunt will go extremely well with one of these theme parties.

Building Contests

Kids love to make or build things. This is a great opportunity for a game. Create a challenge from building something, then test the kid's creation to see how it performs. For example, give kids at the party a couple of handfuls of uncooked spaghetti and some twist ties or cable ties. Have the kids make a bridge to span at least 6 inches. Take an apple and place it in the center of the bridge to see if it holds.

Another example is Lego race cars. Provide enough wheels and lego parts for each kid to make a race car. Once all the cars are complete, place them in a line on a decline ramp (piece of wood). Let them all go at once to see which car is the fastest. After the race, let the kids change their cars with new parts at any time.


The word Bingo opens up feelings of a retirement game, but kids actually love this game too. Bingo is a good party game to keep things under control for a while. It keeps the kids occupied, but they have fun in the process.