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LEGO Theme Birthday Party

birthday spelled with lego blocks

Overall, LEGO makes a very good kids birthday party theme because of its universal appeal to boys and girls. LEGO theme birthday parties are experiencing an increased interest in recent years. LEGO toys are more popular than ever, particularly with boys, but many girls also enjoy building with LEGOs. The LEGO company has done a good job of developing video games and the mini figures over the last 10 years to attract more kids to their building blocks. Parents usually approve of the kid-friendly themes offered in most of their sets. Here are some tips for planning a LEGO-theme birthday party.

Select a LEGO Theme

LEGO consistently sells different theme sets. Many kids are more interested in a specific LEGO theme. Some kids even attempt to collect every set from one of the themes. Some current and past LEGO themes include LEGO Star Wars, LEGO City, LEGO Atlantis, LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Cars/Cars 2, and LEGO Ninjago.

Select a specific LEGO theme for the party or open the party up to all LEGO themes.

LEGO Party Invitations

Let your guests know that the party is a LEGO theme party with party invitation cards. Make your own LEGO invitation cards or use commercial party cards sold by the LEGO company. Their LEGO birthday party kitLEGO birthday party kit comes with 10 invitations, thank you cards, LEGO name cards, special minifigures, official LEGO builder cards, and more. The birthday party kit is usually priced around $40-$50, so it comes out to about $4-$5 per guest. With this kit each kid will have something to take home from the party as well.

LEGO Party Entertainment

LEGO Games

LEGO bridge building contest: A few LEGO blocks makes it easy to build a small bridge for a hot wheel size car to cross an opening. How long can you go? Provide LEGO blocks to guests and have them try to build the longest bridge (longest single span). The bridge should have no piers, only one long span. Find out who the most creative LEGO builder is or the future engineer.

Count the number of LEGO in a jar: Get a plastic jar or fishbowl. Place a few hundred LEGO blocks in the container, counting each piece as you lego guessing gamego. Have the party guests guess the number of LEGO blocks during the party. Provide a prize for the guest with the nearest guess. Use a wide range of LEGO block sizes to make things more difficult or use DUPLO blocks for younger kids.


LEGO Car Racing: For those familiar with cub scouts pinewood derby cars, this game is easy to understand. Players make a LEGO car. You will need a flat wide decline ramp. All racers line up their LEGO car creations at the top of the ramp. At the same time, all the cars are released down the decline, propelled by gravity. The winner is the car that crosses the finish line first. If guests are not happy their car's performance they can quickly redesign and rebuilt the car, making it faster.

LEGO Board Games

The LEGO company has different pre-packaged board games available that are good for a party. Some of the available games with recommended ages are:

LEGO Game Name   Recommended Age # of Players
Wild Wool 5+ 2-4
Banana Balance 6+ 2-4
LEGO Champion 7+ 3-8
Creationary 7+ 3-8
Pirate Plank 7+ 2-4
Ninjago 8+ 2-4

With a little help from an adult, the games designed for older kids are also fun for younger kids, especially the Creationary game.

LEGO TV or movie

If you prefer a movie during the party There are a few LEGO shows available on DVD. The LEGO character created for their 4D movie, Clutch Powers, has the title LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers. The new Ninjago has the DVD Ninjago Masters of the Spinjitzu

LEGO Video Games

Some of the most popular games for younger kids are the LEGO games. LEGO games such as LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Harry Potter, and LEGO Batman, and LEGO Indiana Jones are very popular on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, XBox, and Playstation consoles. These games are fun and make a nice activity during a party. Keep in mind the games are two-player at a time games. If you have several different game systems then a LEGO game party is possible.

LEGO Party Decorations

Some very creative decorations are available for a LEGO party theme. In addition, the LEGO shapes open up a variety of ideas for custom decor.

LEGO Wall Decorations

Nothing says party (except for maybe cake) like wall decorations. A LEGO themed birthday banner adds a nice touch.

star wars birthday party banner

This Happy Birthday wall banner features a LEGO Star Wars theme

There are several posters available with a LEGO theme. The posters are then reusable after the party for bedroom or play room decoration. LEGO posters are not as easy to find as Star Wars or Disney posters, but Amazon does stock them online. Here are some of the LEGO posters available:

Also, if you have a color printer, creating wall displays from the artwork, including coloring pages from the official LEGO website saves money.

Use LEGO Sets for Decoration

Pre-constructed LEGO sets tie in nice to a LEGO theme. In particular, the larger LEGO sets are very nice and give something for guests to look at to get excited about the theme. **Warning: If the party is intended for younger guests (between 5-8), the kids will likely want to play with the LEGO sets like toys during the party. If you do not want the sets to be destroyed, place them up high enough where the kids can see the sets, but they cannot touch them. If you do not mind rebuilding the sets, then let the kids have fun during the party and try to piece them back together after the party.

Spell the Birthday Child's Name with LEGO blocks

lego birthday name

An easy way to add LEGO decor to a party is to build the letters of the name of the child who is having the birthday. A LEGO base makes it possible for building the letters or build the letters vertically for a 3D name. Standard LEGO blocks will work, but for a larger name use DUPLO blocks.

LEGO Birthday Party Food and Snacks

LEGO Birthday Cake:

The availability of LEGO theme birthday cakes are hit or miss at local bakeries. There is a solution that requires making the cake yourself, but makes a great LEGO cake.

The LEGO minifigure cake mold adds a nice touch to a LEGO theme birthday party. The mold makes a smaller cake so you will need to either make multiple cakes or make a larger block cake for the base and place the minifigure cake on top.

The other LEGO birthday cake option is a standard birthday cake with toy LEGOs or minifigures placed on top of the cake for decoration. This option works very well for a specific LEGO theme party. For example, a LEGO City party birthday cake with a few LEGO City minifigures and a lego vehicle or LEGO City building completes the theme. Make sure to thoroughly wash the LEGOs before placement on the cake, even if the LEGOs are new.

Other LEGO Snacks

LEGO candy blocksPre-made candy blocks that resemble LEGO blocks make a nice addition to a birthday party or a treat bag. Bayside Candy offers candy block that are not only tasty, but are also stackable just like the toy block. LEGO candy blocks also fit well with a topping for cookies, cupcakes, or heat some hershey kisses on top of small pretzels then push the candy block into the soft chocolate.

LEGO also sells a minifigure ice cube mold. Besides ice cubes, the mold makes party treats like minifigure chocolates, or minifigure jello men.


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