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Mickey Mouse Theme Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse is a very popular birthday party theme with preschool children and elementary school kids. Mickey has been an icon with kids since the first Mickey Mouse Club show. The modern Playhouse Disney show, Mickey Mouse Club House, has attracted a whole new generation of kids. One thing that makes a Mickey Mouse theme birthday party easy is the availability of party supplies. The classic symbol for Mickey, three circles, with a large circle for the head and two smaller circles for the ears is also useful for tieing in the theme of the party to many everyday items.

Party Activities

Here are some party activities to keep kids busy during a Mickey Mouse theme birthday party.

Hidden Mickey Hunt

Hidden Mickeys are very popular whidden Mickey Mouse searchith guests visiting Disney theme parks and resorts. Imagineers place the shape of a Mickey Mouse head with 3 circles, including a large circle representing Mickey's head and 2 smaller circles, representing his ears, around Disney properties throughout the world. For example, here is a hidden Mickey found in the floor at the Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World.

A great party game called Find the Hidden Mickeys, using this same concept, keeps kids have fun. Use post-it notes to draw the Mickey shape. Stick the Mickeys around the party area to blend in with the surroundings as well as possible. You may want to use multi-colored post-it notes to blend in better with floor and wall colors, particularly when the party is for older kids. The hunt for Hidden Mickeys is like an Easter egg hunt. When the kids find a Mickey they can collect it to redeem for a prize.

Host a Mickey Mouse Drawing Class

drawing mickey mouseThose familiar with the Art of Animation attraction in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, know that kids love to learn to draw Mickey Mouse. In the post-attraction area, there is a drawing class that teaches guests the easy way to draw Mickey. Learning to draw Mickey also makes an excellent party activity. Teach the simple steps of drawing the world's most famous mouse and let the kids take their artwork home.

Mickey Mouse Theme Carnival Games

Carnival type games make a great indoor activity during a birthday party. It is easy to tie the Mickey Mouse theme to some simple carnival games. These games are easy to set up and require very little supplies. You will need a person working at each game station to keep things moving. Typically points or prizes are given away for winning a game. The prizes are typically party favors.

  • Cup toss - Get some Mickey Mouse & Friends (Donald, Goofy, and Minnie) stickers and place them on some plastic cups. Stack up the cups into a pyramid shape, then have the kids throw balls to try to knock down all the cups.
  • Ping Pong Ball Fun - Arrange groups of 3 cups, with one larger cup and two smaller cups (Mickey shape). Have the kids toss the ping pong ball from a distance towards the cups. The object is to get the ball in one of the cups. If you wish assign more points for the smaller ear cups, then it will make the game a little more challenging. Use Mickey Mouse cups or decorate cups with stickers.
  • Pick a Duck - This is a great game for younger kids. Have a group of rubber ducks in a small pan with water. The kids get to select a duck. On the bottom of each duck there is a Mickey prize amount or a winning prize is listed. You can use a number system where the prizes are listed by the number they pick or the number or points are listed if they are picking their prize later. If you want to choose more ornate rubber ducks, the kids could also just keep the ducks. Unfortunately, Disney does not sell any Donald Duck rubber duckies.
  • Other Carnival Games - There are many more carnival games that will keep kids entertained during a party. Pick your favorites that are not only fun, but also easy to manage.

Show a Mickey Movie

Classic Mickey Movie

Feature a classic Mickey short movie during the party. A short movie provides a few things. First, the kids can sit and relax. The movie subject ties in well with the party theme. Also, the party hosts can use the time when the kids are sitting quietly to regroup and prepare for the next party event.

Disney Animation Collection 3: Prince & The Pauper

Disney Animation Collection 1: Mickey & Beanstalk

Disney Animation Collection 6: The Reluctant Dragon

Disney Animation Collection 2: Three Little Pigs


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Movie

You now have a choice of movies including the classic Mickey movies or the modern Mickey Mouse Club house movies. Here are a few good choices for a short movie during a kids birthday party.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Storybook Surprises

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Big Splash

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald Have a Farm

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Bow-Tique


Mickey Party Supplies

Plenty of retail stores and places online have Mickey Mouse party supplies available.

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