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Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

star wars birthday cake

With the popularity among kids for Star Wars the Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network, a Star Wars themed birthday party is a very trendy choice for parents and kids. The amount of Star Wars party supplies and toys available makes planning a party pretty simple.

Star Wars Snacks

A party without snacks is like Star Wars without the force. There are a lot of creative food names that can be used to add excitement to foods served at a Star Wars Party like Darth Vader's taters and Wookie Cookies. The amount of food and type should be chosen based on the age of the intended guests. Where cookies and chips might be the only choices needed for younger kids, older kids may enjoy more creative choices. Here are a couple of simple choices for a party to add to the cake or cupcakes.

Death Star cookies - Circular cookies with gray icing and black sprinkles (if desired). Kids can destroy the death star using the force (of their jaw).

Star Wars Fruit treats - These pre-packaged treats are sold in every major grocery. These treats are great for snacks or for a party favor bag.

For a huge variety of Star Wars party recipes check out Wookie Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook, by Robin Davis or The Star Wars Cookbook II: Darth Malt and More Galactic Recipes, by Frankie Frankeny and Wesley Martin.


Star Wars Party Activities

Jedi Training

An older sibling or Dad makes a perfect Jedi Master to help teach the younglings (party guests) some Jedi moves. Each guest will need a pretend lightsaber. The plastic toy lightsabers work well. To save money use foam swim noodles cut in half. They can usually be purchased from a dollar store or discount store for less than $2 each. Use duct tape to create a handle on each lightsaber. To add to the realism, small black or brown raincoats can be purchased for cheap at discount stores, providing Jedi training robes.

homemade lightsaber

For a very special experience, plan on interrupting the Jedi training with a visit from Darth Vader. Full Darth vader costumes are available online or from local costume shops. Like Disney's Jedi Training Academy in Disneyland and Hollywood Studios in Disney World, Darth Vader attempts to win over the jedi trainees to the Dark Side. Vader can have an individual lightsaber duel with each party guest so they can practice their new jedi skills. Star Wars background music helps to create a nice atmosphere. Amazon sells the full Star Wars Soundtrack or iTunes has the digital music available instantly.

Star Wars Piñata

Purchase a pre-made Star Wars piñata or make one. The pre-made piñata is 3D Darth Vader head with a pull string to release the goodies, made by Hallmark. A Death Star piñata is also made at home by using paper mâché over a large inflated balloon. After the paper mâché hardens, pop the balloon and cut a small plug to fill the Death Star with candy and prizes. Seal the hole with fresh paper mâché, then paint the Death Star. Make Jedi training certificates for each trainee.

Clone Trooper Training

Purchase several toy Nerf Strikes. They can be the cheaper Nerf N-Strike Maverick or the longer Nerf N-Strike Recon Blaster. Set up a Clone Trooper training course with targets. Use Star Wars Action figures, Nerf targets, or just lean emply soda cans for targets. If you want to keep track of the score, give each player a set number of Nerf darts. Count the number of targets each player hit during their training. Make up Clone Trooper graduation certificates for all the Clone trainees.


Star Wars Party Gift Ideas

A Star Wars themed birthday party has plenty of available gifts to give to the birthday child. Many of these items also provide some inspiration for activity ideas during the Star Wars themed birthday party. The best thing about buying Star Wars items for gifts is the wide variety of available items allows creativity.

Star Wars Action Figures

The first thing most people think of when it comes to Star Wars gifts are Star Wars figures. The original toy action figures were sold by Kenner since the very first Star Wars movie was released in 1977. Star Wars figures are nearly as popular today as they were during the original trilogy. Today Hasbro makes action figures from all the movies and from the Star Wars the Clone Wars animated series. There are also scale model ships available in sets that match the scale of the action figures.

Star Wars LEGO sets

The variety of Star Wars ships, characters and landscapes makes a partnership with LEGO toys a natural. LEGO Star Wars sets have become extremely popular with kids and quite collectible. Many kids simply prefer LEGO Star Wars characters and ships to their action figure counterpart. If the kids are good at putting LEGO sets together, they offer the added fun of building the characters and vehicles from scratch. Not all of the Star Wars characters and ships are available in LEGO form all of the time. Instead, LEGO only makes specific sets and characters for a limited time, although they offer additional selection exclusively on their website. Some of the smaller sets or the LEGO Star Wars people also make good party favors.


Lightsabers, like the ones now available, are what almost every boy wanted in the late 1970's. The Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber model, which has realistic sound effects and lighting, is awesome. This toy light saber has been sold in Disney's post-ride gift shop at Star Tours for a few years, but now appears to be more widely available. There is also the Star Wars Force FX lightsaber which has a look more like a real lightsaber, but is more of a collect's items with the higher cost.

Star Wars Replica Helmet

Star Wars replica helmets were designed with costume parties and Halloween in mind. They have proven to sell well throughout the year because kids love them. Replica Star Wars helmets are available for Boba Fett, Jengo Fett, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper, Storm Trooper, Tie Fighters, and X-Wing Fighters. A voice changing Darth Vader helmet is also available. This helmet includes a control pad that makes various Star Wars sounds including the infamous Darth Vader breathing sound. It also has the ability to change the pitch of a voice into a more mechanical sound.

Star Wars the Clone Wars Videos

The extremely popular Star Wars the Clone Wars videos, featured on the Cartoon Network, are available on both DVD and Blu Ray. The Clone Wars videos are expertly created by Lucas Arts Animation? And contain very good story content. The stories fill in the time period between Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The best value for the Clone Wars videos is the complete season series available on multi-disc sets. Currently Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1 and Season 2 are available on DVD and Blu Ray.

Star Wars Video Games

The most popular home video game for the Star Wars brand is the LEGO Star Wars games. Kids love this game because the game play is simple, but there are many hidden secrets that are fun to find. LEGO Star Wars is available on all the recent console platforms such as Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Gameboy Advance. The most popular title in this series is the LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga. For Clone Wars lovers, the newest title in this series is the LEGO Star Wars the Clone Wars game. If the game player does not have a game console, there are also Star Wars stand-alone games available. The latest plug and play TV games are Star Wars Original Trilogy TV game (Millennium Falcon),, Star Wars Classic Battles Plug & Play TV Game (Darth Vader) Star Wars Clone Wars Motion Video Game, and the Stars Wars Clone Wars Plug and Play Game (gun).


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