Top 10 Baseball Gifts for Kids

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  • Bounce-back baseball net - These are very helpful to aid players with both pitching and fielding practice. They offer the best way for players to practice the most baseball skills alone. The Easton Junior Playback Elite offers great bouceback action with an ability to adjust the angle of return.
  • Batting Tee and large net - Batting tees are not only for Tee-ball. Most high school and college programs utilize batting tees for their hitting instruction, particularly early in the season. A batting tee is useful to players for developing the foundation of a technically solid swing. There are many batting tees out there that do not last one season. We participate in travel baseball and have found a low cost batting tee that lasts for several seasons, even when using it for team practices year-round. It is the MacGregor batting tee.
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    Paired up with a large baseball net, players can practice the mechanics of their swing repetitively until it becomes second nature. SKLZ, Bownet, Easton and other make nets that catch the ball. These types of nets are great for serious players to practice repetive skills like hitting the ball or pitching.
  • Take 'em out to the 'ol ball game - Nothing is more enjoyable for a baseball fan than a trip on a warm summer evening to the ballpark. With the down-economy tickets for games are more plentiful than ever. Find the best seats from stub-hub or available tickets from the local ticket box office.
  • Favorite team's jersey/hat - Nothing makes the statement of "true baseball fan" like an authentic major league or minor league team jersey. Replica jerseys are available for most professional baseball teams and can be purchased from the team's official web site or online from Amazon.
  • Practice Balls - Whiffle balls were the preferred practice ball in the past when space was limited. There are new practice balls available that are more durable and allow kids to practice in the garage or basement over the winter off-season. These balls do not fly very far and do not break nearly as easily as traditional plastic whiffle balls..
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  • Pitching machine - Automatic pitching machines offer batting skill training that batting tees do not, live pitching. Once a batter develops the skill of good swing mechanics, the next step is improvement of timing in hitting live pitching. Pitching machines require a large field for hitting (away from house and car windows) or a batting cage or batting net.
  • Baseball cards - Baseball cards are still popular with boys. Sports cards tend to hold the interest of kids longer than Pokemon or Bakugan cards. Topps is the only company left printing baseball cards. Although they also make other sets such as Topps Chrome, Bowman, and Attax. When it comes to value of the cards, card condition is still important. Ultra Pro makes 9 pocket card protector pages which hold baseball cards for easy viewing. The plastic card protector sheets are held in 3-ring binders for storage.
  • Baseball poster - Fat Head Wall Graphics - Full size baseball posters make a great addition to the décor of a baseball of a baseball fan's room. Baseball posters can be purchased from the National Baseball Hall of Fame website and Amazon. Large baseball wall graphics can also be purchased from Often, free posters are given out to fans at baseball games. Check the promotions schedule of a local professional team.
  • Trip to Cooperstown - A trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York is the ultimate for anyone who truly loves baseball. If New York is too far, the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Tour in Louisville, KY or the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum in St. Louis, MO are the next best thing for a baseball fan.
  • Baseball camp/clinic - Kids who love to play baseball also usually want to become better at playing the game. Baseball clinics and summer camps can offer the specialized training needed for improvement. Most youth baseball camps advertise in April to May, before school is out. There are some baseball training centers with indoor facilities that offer year-round instruction. Check local parents magazines or the local sports pages for baseball camp advertisements.
  • Autographed baseball of favorite player - With autographed baseballs of Babe Ruth fetching over $1000 and active players like Alex Rodriguez going for $399 on, signed balls can be quite valuable. A baseball autographed by a fan's favorite player can be a personal treasure. Autographed balls can be obtained in person, but are also easier purchased from dealers, directly from major league teams,, or on ebay.
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