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Hosting a great birthday party with a pirate theme calls for some creative ideas for decorating, food, and party activities. A pirate theme birthday party has enjoyed a hot and cold level of popularity over the years. With the current interest in Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Jake and the Neverland Pirates from Playhouse Disney's kids cartoon series, a pirate party is again popular with kids.

In order to have a party that goes along with the pirate theme, consider how kids think of pirates. To them, pirates have a sense of adventure and are mysterious. Older kids like the bravery of pirates, including the swords and other weapons they use. Younger kids may enjoy the exploration and adventure pirates experience. Kids of all ages like one thing about pirates, treasure.

With the current interest in Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Jake and the Neverland Pirates from Playhouse Disney's kids cartoon series, a pirate party is again popular with kids.

The Pirate Treasure Hunt

A treasure is definitely needed for every pirate birthday party. Activities to find the treasure during the party will help to keep the kids busy and having fun. Here are some options for setting up the pirate treasure hunt.

The simple approach to a treasure hunt, which may work best for younger kids, is to create a treasure map with clues leading to the loot. Choose if the treasure hunt will take place indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both. For a more elaborate activity, make the kids first find pieces of the map. The map, in this game, is like a puzzle that must be pieced together. After the map is complete, the hunt for the treasure is on.

What to Use for Pirate Treasure

A good treasure should have a mixture of coins, gems or gold, and jewelry. You can decide , based on the number of party guests and cost. There are some good low-cost pirate treasure suppliers that will allow each child to take part of the loot home without spending too much. Look in your local party store or here are some options we found online for a party.

Pirate rings
Pirate Rings
Eye Eye
Pirate Eye Patches
Pirate Eye Patches


Take all the treasure and put it in an old wooden box or pretend treasure chest to complete the effect.

Pirate Bingo

If you are looking for more of a stationary game try pirate bingo. Make up bingo cards with pirate-themed icons. Use a Jolly Roger, parrot, pirate ship, crocodile, sword, treasure chest, and other graphics to fill the bingo cards. Use computer printed stickers to attach to ping pong balls for the drawing.

Pirate Food Anyone?

Pirates and food are not always spoke in the same sentence, but the trick is to make the food fun. Here are some creative ways to provide atmosphere during a pirate party.

Jolly Roger Cupcakes:

Jolly Roger cupcakes have a decoration of the pirate symbol on top. Use homemade cupcakes with a black icing. Use white decorator icing to make the Jolly Rogers. If you cannot find black icing, use chocolate icing, they still look good. Also, if you do not have time to make cupcakes, buy some Hostess cupcakes. They have the dark icing with a little white decoration on top. Scrape off the white decoration and add the Jolly Roger.

Barnacle Chips

Using small signs at each snack is a good way to tie foods into the theme. In the case of barnacle chips, kids may quickly realize they are bagged snacks, but may believe the idea that they are a pirate treat. Use potato skin chips. This style is available in most groceries and looks more like something off the bottom of a ship. If you are serving more elaborate food choices during the party consider making real potato skin appetizers. Pre-make them ahead of time and heat them in the oven with the fresh cheese, just before serving. Potatoes are cheap so potato skins actually are very inexpensive.

Catch of the Day

Fish makes a nice theme for a pirate party. Although real fish is not always practical for a birthday party, especially a kids party. There are other alternatives. Goldfish are a great snack option. Kids love them and they are fish which is the desired theme. Put them in a bowl or place some in a small net or mesh material topped with a twist tie to resemble a fishing net. Swedish fish are also an option. They are candy, but can be used for table snacks or in take home goodie bags. If you plan to serve a meal during the party, fish sticks would make a nice alternative to traditional kids pizza.

Dress Up Fun

Have the birthday kid dress up like a pirate complete with eye patch, beard, vest, and hat. Have one extra pirate costume that each guest wears to get a photo with the birthday kid. This makes a nice keepsake from the birthday party and something to mail with the thank you cards for each guest.

Another dress-up idea for the party is to have an adult or older kid dress up like a pirate. They can tell jokes and tell an age-appropriate pirate story for the guests. This is another opportunity for photos with the guests.


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