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Great Brithday Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old Boy

A boy's 5 year birthday has always seemed like a milestone that calls for planning a special party. Either because it's the year he enters kindergarten or only for the reason of celebrating a half decade, the fifth birthday is a great year for a kids party. I also think other parents feel more comfortable about allowing their children to attend a friend's birthday party at this age. This gives the kids a feeling of others treating them like big kids, which can be a new experience.

Choose a Birthday Party Theme

There are some great party themes for a 5 year old boy. Dinosaurs, super heroes, policemen, firemen, Star Wars, army (soldier), and castles are all classic party themes for this age. All of these themes are easy to find needed party supplies at the local party store or by shopping online. Some more recent party themes your five year old may like include:

  • Transformers
  • Cars 2 (Lightning McQueen, etc)
  • LEGO Toy Story (Buzz Lightyear, Woody, etc.)
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Hot Wheels Sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer)
  • Spiderman
  • Disney

Here are some Party Ideas For Different Party Themes

Dinosaur Party Theme

  • A dinosaur cake
  • Bury plastic dinosaurs in a mixture of plaster of Paris, play sand, and flour. Have kids become little paleontologists.
  • Have a big bin of dinosaurs to play with during the party.
  • Make a volcano erupt using baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring.
  • Watch a show like the Land Before Time or a Discovery Channel dinosaur special
  • Play find the dinosaur. Leave clues and dinosaur footprints to find a hidden toy dinosaur.

Cars or Hot Wheel Theme Party

  • A car cake
  • Kids take home hot wheels in their goody bags
  • Buy some remote control cars and set up a mini-race course. This activity would be like playing Mario Cart only with real remote control cars.
  • Have plenty of hot wheels track available for the party.

Disney Party Theme

Sport Themed Party

  • Baseball, soccer ball, football, or basketball cake
  • Give sports trading cards for kids' take home prizes
  • Play a sports game in the yard or nearby park (weather permitting)
  • Play sports trivia Play sports video games
  • Watch sports

Spiderman Birthday Party

  • Spider web cake
  • Plan a visit from an adult or older kid dressed as Spiderman
  • Make a web with string or yarn and have a spider web throwing contest.
  • Play Spiderman video games
  • Record a Spiderman TV show and watch it at the party
  • Have a Spiderman drawing contest

Include the 5 year old in sending out the party invitations.

Have them help to choose the guests they want to invite to their party. Send out invitations by mail. There are some reasons mail works best. Sending the invitations to school may create several issues. First, kids get excited about a party invitation and may forget to give it to their parents. Second, all kids love to receive an actual letter in the mail addressed to them. The mailed invitation will get them instantly excited about the party. Last, some schools have policies regulating party invitations passed out in class. Some schools (including pre-schools) ban the practice and others require that if invitations are passed out, all children must get one. Make sure you know the rules and are comfortable with the number of kids that attend the party.

Great tip for sending out thank you cards

During the party take plenty of photos. This is something you probably plan to do anyway. Make a point of taking a photo with the birthday boy and each of the party guests. A good time to take the pictures is when the guests arrive, or better yet, when the presents are opened. The photos make a nice keepsake from the birthday party. When you send out the thank you cards, include a copy of the printed photo. If you took photos while the presents were opened, it is easier to remember what each guest gave as gifts. Make sure to thank them specifically for what they brought. This will also help the five year old appreciate the gift he was given.


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