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Baby classical music toy
Baby Einstein Portable Music
Amazon $9.99
baby Einstein musical toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Music Toy

Baby Gifts

Baby musical toys have improved dramatically over the last few years with the lower cost of portable devices. The Baby Einstein company has created the #1 selling baby musical toy on Amazon called the Take Along Tunes toy. The sound on this toy is very pleasing to babies and their parents. It plays classical music from Mozart, Chopin and others.

$9.99 or less from Amazon

  • B-Agile baby stroller color choices
  • B-Agile stroller collapsed

Britax B-Agile Baby Strollerk


For families on the go or who need s baby stroller that is easy to open and close, yet has storage and easily moves around. Umbrella stroller are easy to open and close, yet lack features such as storage and easy maneverability. Traditional strollers has 4 wheel with a wide base, making them heavy and hard to turn and move around on the go. The Britax B-agile is one of the top selling baby strollers because it has improved where other strollers give parents problems.

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Freshfoods Mash & Serve Bowl

Baby Gifts

Freshfoods offers a handle bowl set that comes with a matching food masher. This set is great for parents who are transitioning their baby to whole foods, but also want to save some money on baby food. The masher works much better than trying to mash foods with a spoon. Since the set contains the masher and the bowl, it is also a great item to have when going out to eat with baby, or anytime on the go.

$6.99 or less from Amazon

  • Plush Seahorse Baby Gift
  • Baby Sea Horse Toy

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse

Baby Gifts

This is a neat plush toy for babies. When baby squeezes the seahorse, it lights up and plays a number of different baby tunes and soothing ocean sounds. The sounds and lights are programmed to fade out over the next 5 minues. The Seahorse makes a great comfort toy for babies to help them relax. Warning** Babies love this toy! If you go away on a trip do not leave it at home or there may be an upset baby.

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Lamaze Freddie the Firefly toy

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Baby Toy

Baby Gifts

Freddie the Firefly has all the features that make it a perfect toy for a baby. It has distinct color differences which help babies focus, different tactile areas, a built-in teether, hidden surprises and more. Babies love this toy!

$16.99 from Amazon

turtle baby night light

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Turtle Night Light

Baby Gifts

If you are looking for a good night light, the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Turle Night Light is a good fit. It is not a traditional night light that plugs into the wall, but it can be placed on a table or the floor of any room. The turtle has two lighting features. the first is a glowing turtle shell which makes a perfect night light for babies. The second feature, is the turtle can project stars throughout the entire room. This is very cool, but not necessarily designed for the babies. As the baby grows, the star feature is more useful, so the turtle will grow with them.

$32 or less from Amazon

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