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  • Boosted Dual Plus electric Skateboard

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard.


The Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard is an extremely popular item. Even though it has a high cost, it also large a large following. Those who buy this consider it transportation, not a toy. It will travel 6 miles on a charge at 15 mph. Then you can pick it up and take it inside. Try that with a Segway.

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Mini RC
Can even fly indoors...
Net Return Pro Indoor Batting Cage
Radio Controlled Mini
Indoor Helicopter
Amazon $19.95
  • kids indoor RC helicopter
  • awesome RC helicopter toy

Syma RC Mini Helicopter


This mini radio controlled helicopter is a very cool gift for the price. These units were previously over $120, but now are regularly offered near the $20 range. These RC helicopters feature precision control and are capable of flying indoors.

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Miniature Classic
Gas Engine
Cars For Kids
Net Return Pro Indoor Batting Cage
Real Gas Engine
Cars For Kids! More
  • cool kids car details
  • cars for kids

Miniature Cars for Kids


The Cars for Children, Inc. company, in Beverly Hills, CA manufacturers and sells miniature versions of some of the greatest cars of all time. Ferrari Testarossa, G500 Mercedes, and Mercedes SL are just some of the cars they make. Each car takes about 9 months to make the fibderglass body, the custom interior, 4 stroke gas engine, and to finish the mechancial, electrical, and details. They also have a few electric motor versions available. Most of the cars are designed to travel up to about 12 mph, but are not street legal. If I owned a Mercedes dealership, this would be the next gift for my kid./p>

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Kids helmet camera gift

Extreme Kids Gift - Action Helmet Camera from GeekPro


This awesome action helmet cam is great gift for teenagers or kids who want to record themselves in action. The helmet is easily mounted to a helmet, bike or board to capture all the action. The price of the compact helmet video camera technolgy is now amazing low, about the same price as a video game.

$70 or less from Amazon

Baseball or Golf
Net Return Pro Indoor Batting Cage
Who says you can't play
ball in the house?
Amazon $495
  • Indoor batting cage
  • kids baseball and golf net

Net Return Pro Multisport Net


Baseball, golf, football and soccer players all know the need for a good quality net that returns the ball back in a controller manner. The Net Return Pro can absorb any type of sports ball and return it perfectly every time. It makes a perfect gift for a child who is serious about their sport.

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  • Baby monitor
  • baby safety tech

Mimo Baby Monitor


This monitor safely monitors a baby at night as they sleep. The heart rate monitor and app alerts parents if there is an issue.

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  • Girls Hair Chalk
  • Temporary stylish hair chalk for girls

Metallic Glitter Hair Chalk


The stylish temporary metallic glitter hair chalk is easily applied and lasts about 3 days. Girls love trying new hair styles without permanently coloring their hair. Great for parties or sleep-overs.

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Minecraft Foam Sword


If your kids have played the game, then they will instantly recognize this foam sword from Minecraft. Great for pretend play or just showing off to their friends.

$22 from Amazon

  • Mini solar powered car
  • smallest solar power car

World's Smallest Solar-Powered Car


Touted as the World's smallest solar power car, this little car is cool technology in a very small package. For the cost of only about two Hot Wheels cars, we found these solar-powered cars. They are smaller than a Hot Wheels car at just over 1" long, but they contain the technology to take light and turn it into motorized power.

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  • 2014 American Girl Doll of the Year
  • American Girl Gift Doll 2014

Isabelle - 2014 American Girl Doll of the Year


The 2014 American Girl of the Year is Isabelle. Isabelle is a dancer. The American Girl Doll Company only sells the doll of the Year for one year, so it is typically very collectible and extremely difficult to find during the holiday shopping season.

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LCD Drawing
Boogie Board Drawing<br>
Boogie Board LCD
Drawing Pad
Amazon $25.20
Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Boogie Board LCD Drawing Tablet


The LCD drawing/writing pad from Boggie Board is a great tech item at an incredibly inexpensive price. This is the tech version of a white board or modern etch-a-sketch. Draw or write anything you want and at the touch of a button the screen is cleared.

$25.20 from Amazon

Domino Race Gift Set

Domino Race Gift Set


This is the domino set I wish was available when I was a kid. The amount of pieces with this set allows maximum creativity. There are even add-ons available to expand this domino race set.

$49.98 from Amazon

use hand gestures to control a computer

Microsoft Kinnect for Windows


The Kinnect for Windows bring more than just the XBox experience to a PC. Kinnect has an open developer platform. With a huge amount of apps, games, and cool tools like controlling a PC without the mouse, using only hand gestures, on the way, the future is bright.

$29.99 from Amazon

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