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Best Gifts for a 12 Year Old Boy

Finding the best gift for a 12 year old boy is not always the easiest task, but there are some great options available. This is the last year before they will become a teenager, of course. Gift options should take in account the interests of the twelve year old. By now, they have developed many things they like, but also have new interests because of their growing maturity. Here is a list of the best "can't miss" items that a 12 year old boy would love.


Gift Idea #1: A Smart Phone

For safety, communication and organization purposes, a smart phone makes sense today for a 12 year old boy. After school activities and visits to friends' houses may result in a n unpredictable schedule for a 12 year old boy. A mobile smart phone provides a necessary communication link to friends or parents to communicate their schedule or to arrange transportation. Android and iPhone-based smart phones also have many apps available to help kids organize their lives. Scheduling, calendars, financial and goal achievement apps are available for little or no cost. Many schools and organizations kids are involved with also have apps available for smart phone users. A good way to get started on a smart phone is by trying a pre-paid cell phone.


Gift Idea #2: Tickets to a popular sports event

Twelve is a great age for a professional or major college sporting event. Find out their favorite team and find tickets for an event. Major college sports tickets sometimes offer a lower cost option than pro sports, but Major League baseball tickets and PGA golf tournament passes are generally the lowest cost for professional sports tickets.


Gift Idea #3: Camping Gear

Kids around 12 are at the perfect age to enjoy camping with their family or with a scout group. Many boys this age love hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. Encourage this enjoyment of nature with some new camping equipment. They are likely using the family's camping equipment or equipment purchased before they hit their growth spurt.

Camping Hiking 300 Lumen LED Headlamp LED headlamps are a cool way to help keep kids safer when hiking or walking around a camp site in low light.
Coleman Sundome 3-Person Tent, 7-Feet x 7-Feet A lightweight tent is great for boys this age. They can set up their own tent when camping with their family or scout group and invite a few friends.
Coghlan's 1005 Flint Striker This is one of the better low-cost flint fire starters available. Responsibly teaching a boy to start a fire without matches is a good life survival skill to pass along.
Mountain Trails Lindenwood--3 lb. Sleeping Bag A new sleeping bag makes a nice gift for a boy interested in camping. Make sure to buy the right sleeping bag for the correct weather conditions. The sleeping bag shown is lightweight, but rated for a low temperature of 40°F, which is moderate camping conditions. There are sleeping bags available for less than 0°F, but they are heavier and more expensive.
Garmin Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator Handheld GPS units have now been available long enough where they are now affordable. Handheld GPS navigators are the technology that has replaced the compass. They use satellites to provide an accurate ground location. These are great to help boys stay on track. They are also great for geocaching, which is a fun hide and seek game that uses a GPS navigator utilizing coordinates to find objects.


Gift Idea # 4: A Science Gift

Twelve is the last year before he becomes a teen. Consider providing a cool science-related gift to help spark a lifelong interest. Here are some science gift suggestions for preteen boys.

Celestron 70mm Refractor Telescope - Let him see the universe, like never before. Good quality under $100 telescopes are now available that allow viewing of the moons of Jupiter or the rings of Saturn.
My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope What boy would not want to see the world of micro-organisms. Once they find out that there is extreme detail in everything imaginable, they will want to put about everything under the microscope.
Ultra Stomp Rocket - This is a cool, but safe rocket toy. Kids (and Dad's) will have fun launching this rocket over and over.
Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste: More Unforgettable Experiments that Make Science Fun (Steve Spangler Science) - Preteen boys love the idea of magic (think Harry Potter). Show them some real-world magic with Steve Spangler's popular book series. He takes everyday objects and makes they do surprising things, then explains the science behind the unexpected behavior.