Gifts For a 6 Month Old Baby

At 6 months old, babies are in a critical time period for development. Toys and teaching aids are very helpful for parents and caretakers to help stimulate the 6 month old baby's brain. Speech and sound recognition, fine-motor skills, balance and large motor skills are all being rapidly developed during this age.

Musical Toys

Six month old babies love new sounds, particularly musical toys. One musical toy that babies really respond to is a rainmaker. The gentle sound of a nice rainmaker is very stimulating for a baby. Hohner makes a nice 8" toy rainmaker that babies generally love. Hohner also makes a 4 piece baby band set that includes a mini rainbow shaker, baby maraca, baby rattle and cage bell in a carrying case. This toy is recommended for babies 6 months old and up.

Photo Book

At 6 months, babies continue to learn caretaker's faces. They learn who they are comfortable with, in part, by their face and the sound of their voice. Babies love to see faces they recognize. For parents who spend a good deal of time away from their babies at work, a baby-safe photo book helps to comfort their little one by providing them with photos of familiar faces. This also helps to reinforce the faces to the baby. This method of reinforcing faces also works well with grandparents and other relatives who cannot see the baby very often. If the baby is familiar with their face, they are more likely to respond positively when they are able to visit. This concept of recognition is used prominently by advertisers. If a child sees a photo of Elmo or Mickey Mouse frequently in a book or on TV, they typically respond positively to their image since it is familiar to them. Genius Baby and Sassy both offer inexpensive baby-safe albums. These photo albums hold 4" x 6" photos in their clear, wipeable pages.

Nesting Blocks

A good toy for development of a baby's spacial understanding and eye development is nesting blocks. Nesting blocks are baby-safe soft blocks made in appealing colors and sizes that fit inside each other. Babies can either choose to stack the blocks on top of each other or place the smaller blocks inside the larger ones. Soft Play makes an ABC soft nesting block set. Fisher Price has a creative set with the same concept called the Rainforest Nest 'n Play Animals set which uses soft animals instead of blocks. For babies this age it might be a good idea to stay away from the wood nesting blocks since they will certainly end up in the baby's mouth.

Baby Einstein Videos

The Baby Einstein videos use colors, animals, toys, other children and babies, and music to entertain children. Julie Aigner-Clark who first created these videos before selling to Disney and Artisean Entertainment, used child development principals in a very creative way to create the first truly appealing baby TV. Disney later launched product lines and expanded the brand with the Little Einsteins series. The overall benefit of these videos to baby's development is debateable, but most babies like watching these shows. The Baby Einstein videos were created with parent-child interaction in mind, however, some babies like the videos so much that they can be helpful to give parents a few moments of peace. Our kids enjoyed watching many of the videos in this series. Their favorites were Baby Mozart, Baby Van Gogh - World of Colors, Baby Einstein - Neighborhood Animals, and Baby Neptune. There are now many different Baby Mozart Videos available with a wide variety of topics and content.