Gifts For a 1 Year Old Boy

toddler wagon

A baby boy's 1 year birthday is a special occasion for both the child and his parents. A child only has one 1st birthday. As a boy moves from a 1 year old to a two year old, he will go from a baby to a toddler. He will then be more mobile, communicate more with others, and enjoy different types of toys. The best birthday gifts for a 1 year old boy are toys and other things to help him as he grows into a toddler.

Toy Wagon

Giving a 1 year old boy a wagon for a gift is as much a gift for his parents as the boy. A wagon provides a nice way to transport a toddler and his toys to the park, beach, or other location that is difficult to reach with tiny stroller wheels. As the child grows, the wagon will still be useful whether it is hauling baseball equipment to the game or picnic supplies to the park. Radio Flyer wagons are the cadillac of kids wagons. Step 2 offers a cheaper toy wagon that has two seats with built in seat belts which is perfect for younger kids.

Pretend Tools

From a young age boys like to use pretend tools. Toy tools teach many good skills such as hand-eye coordination and other fine motor skills. Kids who play with toy building tools can build confidence in working with their hands, which is a good life-skill. Many of the toy tool sets that are available are recommended for ages over 1 year old, although there are a few sets that are recommended for 12 months and up. Either choose a set recommended for 12 months old or get a toy tool set recommended for older kids and allow the younger kids to play with the set while they are supervised.

The following toy tool sets are recommended for 12 months and up.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Workbench

V Tech Leaning Fun Tool Box

The following toy tool sets are recommended for 2 years and up. These sets could be used by younger kids when they are supervised and will be appropriate when the child turns 2.

Melissa and Doug Toolbox Fill and Spill

Green Toys Tool Set

Kidoozie Little Builder Tool Belt

Play Phone

Little boys love to emulate their parents. They see their parents and other adults talking on their cell phones and home phones. Kids love to push the buttons and strike up a conversation with a pretend friend or have a pretend conversation with their mom or dad on their own toy phone.

Push Toys

Some babies can walk without help at 10 months, but most start walking between 11 and 13 months. Even when they begin to walk, their ability to balance does not usually make parents feel secure. Walking toys are a good gift for a 1 year old boy, particularly for boys who look to start walking a little later.


building blocks, gifts for 1 year old

Soft blocks

Little boys love to build with blocks. Unfortunately, many blocks that are marketed for kids are not designed for toddlers who do not fully understand sharp edges and gravity. Even cardboard blocks have edges that can damage little eyes. High quality soft blocks are available to allow little boys to safely build the castle of their dreams. Good blocks are made out of foam covered by fabric or vinyl. The foam is soft enough that if one of the blocks are thrown, they generally cannot do damage, but they are firm enough to be able to stack multiple blocks. A good set of blocks is typically more expensive than lower quality cardboard or wooden blocks, but they are a better alternative.


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