Gifts For a 10 Year Old Boy

Giving a special gift to a 10 year old boy can help create a memory or a special bond. Experiences that 10 year olds have may be remembered the rest of their lives. This list (in no particular order) includes presents a 10 year old may love to open, but also emphasizes development and long-term playability or memories.

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  • Apple iPod Touch - You might think the Apple iPod Touch is an expensive gift for a 10 year old. At just over $200 for the 8GB model, they are a pricey gift, but also consider what the iPod Touch can do. The iPod Touch can be used for email, take photos and videos, play TV and movies, play music, and use any iPod app. When compared to a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, it can do much more. Also, game cartridges and memory cards are not required to play games on an iPod. Little game cartridges are easy to lose. All the apps and games are stored directly on the iPod's internal memory. New games can be downloaded by using any wi-fi network. The price of new games is also much cheaper on the iPod than the portable Nintendo or Sony units. For example, EA sports John Madden Football retails for approximately $24 on the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP system. The iPod version is only $2.99, and like most iTunes Apps there is also a playable version that is completely free. If you plan to buy a lot of games the iPod Touch is much cheaper in the long-run. The free versions of the games also helps to avoid over spending on bad games.

  • Model Train Set - Model train sets provide the level of detail a ten year old needs. Although some boys this age may be too impatient for a model train set, others will enjoy the simple pleasure of setting up the train and controlling the movement. There is a whole world of model making, when it comes to making scale model houses and landscape to go along with the train set, but the starting point is a simple model train set. Model train sets are available in different scales including N, HO, O and G (in order from smallest to largest). The N scale sets take up the least amount of space, but add-on accessories can be harder to find than other scales. HO is probably the most popular scale, with many specialty stores selling accessories, but it also takes up more space than N scale.

  • Sports toys and team merchandise - Sports play a huge role in most ten year-old boys lives. Many times sports dominate their free-time including participation in team practices and games. Boys also have major sports teams they enjoy watching either live or on TV. Here are some sports-related gifts that most boys would enjoy.
  • Sports training gear for boys who specialize or who want to improve their skill in a sport. Each sport has available training aids to help make kids better at the sport. Look for sports training aids that are fun, but can be used by a single person at a time. Here are some examples.

    In hockey, ice time is at a premium. Help kids skate better by training with a pair of inline skates. This will help them develop the coordination and strength needed for ice skating. If enough neighborhood kids have inline skates, kids can even play pick up games using a ball instead of a puck in a driveway or safe parking lot. The brands that offer higher quality are K2, Rollerblade and Roller Derby. The Roller Derby brand offers an adjustable skate for kids for a good price. Having some ability to adjust the skates is very important since kids feet are still growing. Roller Derby offers several models for boys including the Tracer and Cobra. Their boys models are adjustable up to 3 sizes. Not only is inline skating great for hockey, but kids benefit in any sport because inline skating promotes leg strength and overall balance.

Throwing and fielding in baseball is one of the best set of skills to master. A strong throwing arm is important for all positions on the field, particularly the pitcher, catcher, and shortstop. Bounce-back throwing targets have been around a long time, but they still help kids improve their throwing and fielding skills. A single player throws the ball at a target which typically resembles a strike-zone. If the ball hits the target it will rebound. Depending on where the ball hits the target, will result on if the ball is bounced in to the air or on the ground. This opens up all sorts of possibilities, from just plain pitching practice to fielding different positions and making the throw to first base. Bounce-back baseball nets also help to promote coordination and timing. They are perfect for boys who love to play baseball, but do not have other players to practice with as much as they want to play.

The key to these baseball training aids is to find one that is very sturdy, plus easy to set up and take down. The number 1 selling baseball aid on Amazon is the Easton Junior Playback Elite. It is the highest quality bounce-back baseball aid for the lowest cost. If you need a larger practice net to hit soft toss balls or hit off a Tee, SKLZ offers a pop-up 7'x7' baseball training net. There are a lot of travel baseball teams that use these nets for practice.

    Football is a bit different sport to train for individually as a 10 year old. Ten year old boys should not be lifting weights yet. Understanding the game takes time and experience. Probably the best thing a player can do at this age is to improve speed, jumping ability, and footwork coordination. Plyometrics, also known as jump training can help kids accomplish these goals. There are some plyometrics workout videos designed for kids such as Marty Martin's Sport Kartate Plyometrics For Kids. A plyometris workout such as Tony Horton's P90X could also be considered. If starting any new workout, make sure to check with the boy's doctors to make sure it is appropriate for their physical condition and ability.

    The best training aid for basketball is a basketball backboard and goal. Ten year old boys will have the strength the shoot the basket at full-height. If there is space in your driveway or porch, this is the best thing to get. Pros like Larry Bird grew up shooting thousands of baskets for countless hours. The ability to shoot the basketball is extremely important.
  • Robots - Robots are the future. Getting kids started with fun robots at an earlier age is a good idea. The world of iRobot and droids from Star Wars may be in the not too distant future. Like any mechanical device that improves our standard of living, knowing how to maintain and repair robots will be a helpful skill when the time comes. Parallax makes the BOE (Board of Education) BOT Robot kit. This kit is excellent and includes a book that details step by step, how to build and program the robot. Initial construction is very straight forward. The programming language is Parallax Basic which is very easy to understand. What makes this kit great is the ability to customize and add on more sensors in the future. No soldering is required for this kit since the wires are all inserted into the supplied breadboard on top the robot chassis. Many different high school and kids robot clubs use this robot kit as the platform for their group.