Best Gifts For a 10 Year Old Girl

The best gifts for a 10 year old girl help her to become more independent and provide her with fun memories. These pre-teen years offer parents, family and friends a great time to develop some memories. From dancing to developing responsibility for future years, gifts to her at this age can not only be fun, but help her to grow up a little.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Find a local dance instructor or dance class. She will want to have some basic dance skill before becoming a teenager. There are many types of dance, but a popular dance, modern dance class, hip hop, or even tap dancing can help girls develop coordination along with music. They can adapt to other forms of dance later. If there are no good local dance classes available consider helping them learn at home Napoleon Dynamite style. There are dance instruction videos available that can certainly help girls feel more comfortable dancing in public.

Girls that already like to dance probably love to dance whenever there is good music available in the right atmosphere. Think of how girls love a wedding reception or school dance where there is great music and others are having fun dancing. Honestly if you set up a strobe light, backlight, or a disco ball and a music player with good music even in a basement you will have an instant 10 year old girl dance party. If a theme is needed for an all-girls birthday, party atmosphere lighting is always a hit.

Spinning Disco Ball Light - Great for turning any space into a dance party

A black light also is a great way to offer a fun dance party atmosphere. Kids this age still love the novelty of light color clothing appearing like it glows in the dark under black lighting.

The other good option setting up a dance party atmosphere is a strobe light.

Freshen up her wardrobe

Ten is a good age to give her some new clothing options. Take her on a mini clothing shopping spree or give her a gift card for a local department store or girls clothing store and let her make her own responsible choices with a budget.

Cell Phone

As tough as it sounds to allow a 10 year old girl to have her own cell phone, please here me out. Is it better to give a girl her first cell phone at 14 or 15? Or is it better to start teaching responsibility at a younger age when parenting is a little easier. In addition, in today's unsafe world a girl with a cell phone, in times of emergency, is safer than a girl without a cell phone. Not only can they make an emergency call if they are in trouble or need help, but most modern cell phone have built in GPS which can be used for tracking. A very good type of cell phone for helping to teach kids about how to use their cell phone responsibly are pay as you go phones.

The Nokia X2 Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile) offers a full-featured phone in the pay-as-you-go phone format. It has all the features, but the best thing about this phone is the low cost of phone calls. Calls are only 10 cents per minute for any domestic call. You can also pay only $1 per day for unlimited nights and unlimited nationwide calls to any T-mobile phone. Text messaging and data can get a little expensive so make sure she understands what she can and cannot use.

The G Optimus Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) is one of the first prepaid Android phones. Virgin has one of the best deals in pay as you go phone options. Also, the phone is capable of doing everything (data, text, and voice) through a wi-fi network. This is a very good deal since you can choose a lower plan if you have access to wi-fi for heavier use.

Capture the Moments

Decent quality digital cameras are now available in the $50-$75 range. I was really struck by how important photographs are to remember good moments in life, after attending a 20 year high school reunion. A few of the graduates found as many old photos as they could from their classmates from their junior high through high school years. They assembled a slide show which included time-period appropriate music. The slide show was one of the highlights of the reunion. It made me think of the memories my own kids will have. With the available technology, they should be able to capture some memories of their own. Not only with parents, but also with their friends. It would be nice for kids to remember growing up. With the lower cost of technology, kids today can capture many moments. Good photos can be stored on a hard drive, cloud server, flash drive, or printed for display in a photo album.