Gifts For a 2 Year Old Boy


Buying gifts for a two year old boy is very rewarding in terms of joy from giving. Two year olds have not reached the age yet where they are counting down the days until their birthday or Christmas morning when they have made a gift list and expect to receive some of the gifts on their list. Instead, boys this age are genuinely surprised at each and every gift they open so the reaction to the gift can be priceless. Here are some ideas that 2 year old boys may find interesting when they open the gift, but what they may enjoy playing with.

Toy Bowling Set

A toy bowling set makes a great gift for a two year old boy. Find a toy bowling set that the pins stand up well, even on carpet. Boys this age will ask to have the pins set up over and over so they can knock them down. As they get a little older, kids will be able to set the pins up themselves. If the two year old has an older sibling, they can help set the pins up.

Sand and water table

Is there a better outdoor toy for a 2 year old than a sand and water table? It is debateable, but boys love to play with water toys and sand toys and a table made for this purpose allows them to explore and play without having to take a trip to the beach. One of the best features about a sand and water table is parents can decide how much water to put in the table so they can feel comfortable about the safety of their kids.

There are multiple different sand and water tables available. Most tables have two sides to help separate the sand and water and have legs to elevate the play surface up to the level of a small child. Deluxe sand and water tables typically add a cover and a canopy to provide sun protection. The Step 2 Naturally Playful sand and water center is the top selling item in this category on Amazon.

Thomas the Tank Engine

One of the best gifts recommended to me for my boys when they turned two was a Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train set. The Thomas wooden train cars and track are well-designed and constructed to endure the play of a toddler. The Thomas trains, buildings, and track remind me of toys of yesteryear, not the plastic assembly line toys packaged in most boxes that line retail shelves. Boys play with Thomas train sets well beyond Kindergarten years, so the Thomas train sets we own have given back much childhood play to my own kids. Since they are still in such wonderful condition, this will be one of the few toys that I will carefully package up to give to them later when they have kids of their own to make their own train adventures.

Toy Cars

Like toy trains, toy cars are very popular with many little boys. Hot wheels, because of the potential issue with small parts are unfortunately not recommended at this age. There are, however, some toy car sets that are age-appropriate for a 2 year old boy.

First Tricycle

Two is a great age for a tricycle. Lightweight, sturdy tricycles are best suited for this age to help boys that are learning coordination skills to improve pedaling and balancing.

Toddler Sports Toys

Kids need to start early these days to sharpen their skills to earn a coveted sports scholarship to pay for college. If your 2 year old is the next Kobe Bryant or Derek Jeter or if you just want to have fun playing sports with them, there are some very good toddler sports toys available. Try a toy baseball set like the Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball set, toy golf set like the Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf set, or a toddler basketball goal..

Two Year Old Pretend Toys

At two years old boys love to copy their parents and other adults they see. One of the best toys to occupy their interest and help them develop are toys that are basically smaller, safer versions of real world items. Two year old boys are attracted to toy brooms. They love to sweep just like mom or dad. They also love to play with pretend food.

LEGO Duplo Building Blocks

Small parts are still not acceptable for two year olds so regular size Lego blocks are not advisable. Instead, consider Lego Duplo blocks. These larger blocks are designed to avoid choking issues with kids. There are many popular Duplo sets available that are perfect for 2 year old boys. Sets like the LEGO Duplo Police Station, LEGOville Fire Truck, LEGOville Bus, and LEGOville Duplo Big Tractor sets.

Magnetic Alphabet Set

One of the best interactive educational toys to be developed in years is the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set. This little toy can be placed on a refrigerator or any surface that is metal. All 26 letters are included. Kids place a letter in the holder and the toy helps to teach kids about the letter through songs using phonics. It is a great toy for early letter recognition and will keep little ones busy while they try different letters.