Gifts For a 2 Year Old Girl

Gifts for two year old girls should help them develop and provide them with entertainment. Toddler girls this age are in a period of rapid brain, speech, and coordination development.

Girls Tricycle

Two is a perfect age for a full-size tricycle. Girls this age will benefit from a sturdy, lightweight tricycle to help them improve large motor skills and improve balancing. Radio Flyer offers their Classic Duel Deck Tricycle in Pink, just for girls. This fancy big-girl tricycle has classic details including chrome fenders, a duel deck on back, and even a little bell. For a more modern tricycle, Little Tikes offers their 3 in 1 tricycle in purple. This 3 stage trike, has 3 modes including parent push mode, parent guided mode, and kid-powered mode. There are some great benefits of having a tricycle. Both the parents and kids can get needed exercise with a tricycle and it encourages getting out of the house. Also at 2, a good tricycle should last 2-4 years depending on how fast the child grows and develops. At this age, 2-4 years of using a toy is a very long time.

Shape and Color Sorter Toys

Brain development is near its peak in two year old kids. It is a great time to help them learn their shapes and colors with a fun toy. There are some good shape sorting toys available. One of the most popular shape sorting toy is the Lauri Toys Shape and Color Sorter. Lauri toys makes wonderful preschool toys, and this toy is no different. It uses more of a memory method to help children learn their shapes. For a more traditional shape sorter, try the Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Cube. Kids must insert the wooden shape through an opening that only fits each particular shape. Kids use trial-and-error to learn their shapes until they start to learn how to match up the shapes with the opening by memory. For fans of Sesame Street, Fisher Price also makes an Elmo Mailbox Shape Sorting Toy that also uses the trial-and error approach.


Tea Set

Two is the perfect age for a first tea party. Although tea sets that are safe for two year old children are harder to find, there are a few sets that are recommended for this age by the manufacturer. The Fisher Price Musical Tea Set or the Fisher Price Magical Tea Set for Two both fit the bill. The main difference between these two sets are the price and the musical set does what it implies, the pot makes music when it is poured. The Magical Tea Set is pretty neat. The pot has magical purple liquid in the pot and really looks like it is poured, but magically disappears. Both sets come with a tray and tea cups.

Fisher Price Magical Tea Set for Two

Fisher Price Musical Tea Set

Her First Purse

Little girls love to carry their toys and other items around. What better way to allow her to do so than her first purse. Many of the first purse toy sets also contain many other toys of typical items found in a purse such as keys, pocketbook, mirror, and cell phone. There are several first purse sets available for two year old girls. Some of the sets are plush items with toys that are also plush and other sets contain more realistic materials, such as plastic. The Kidoozie My First Purse contains the later. The toy purse and contents are more realistic and will probably be popular with her for a longer period of time. Melissa & Doug offers the Pretty Purse Fill and Spill set which contains a purse with plush toys. Both are nice options, depending on your child's preference.


Kidoozie purse

Kidoozie My First Purse

girls first purse

Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill and Spill

Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway

Some people think that Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train are only for boys. If you have ever witnessed toddler girls around a Thomas train set, you will understand that this is not the case. Girls love to play with Thomas and Friends trains as much as boys the same age. These are very enjoyable toys to help the creative play and fine motor skills of girls. Thomas the Tank Engine wooden trains are one of the best designed and constructed toys to endure the play of a toddler. The best way to get started with a Thomas and Friends Wooden train set is the inexpensive Water Tower Figure 8 set. It is a very good value for the amount of track and elevated bridge that comes with the set.

300x250 Melissa&Doug 35% off

Play Tent

Using the couch pillows to make a play house is always a popular option with kids. Couch pillows can be heavy, though creating a somewhat unsafe play environment, if kids are not supervised every minute. A safer play environment option is a play tent. Today's tents are somewhat inexpensive, safer than couch pillows, and safe the wear on the pillows. Try a nice play tent with a cool tunnel, a great play cottage tent, or even a princess castle tent.

Fairy Princess Castle Tent

Cottage House Play Tent

Play Tent With Tunnel


Magnetic Learning Toy

One of the most unique items for younger children are the Leapfrog refrigerator magnets. These little magnet toys can attach to a refrigerator or anything metal and offer parents a very interactive quick way to help teach kids things. The best product in this group is the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set. This award winning toy allows kids to place a magnet letter of the alphabet in the base. The toy will then say the letter, the letter sound, and sing a cute song about the letter to help kids remember. All magnetic letters are included in the set in addition to the magnetic base. Also in this series, are the Fridge Phonics Magnetic Word Builder or the Leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set.