Gifts For a 3 Year Old Boy

Finding gifts for a 3 year old boy can be as fun as watching seeing the surprise on his face when he opens his present. The toy options for a 3 year old open up a bit as he is moving up from being a toddler to a more independent boy. Three year olds have a much larger imagination and are better at keeping toys out of their mouth. It is still important to avoid small parts which may cause choking. Kids this age are improving their fine motor skills, so toys that help to improve their abilities can help the child. The selection of toys for a 3 year old boy is constantly changing. Here is a current list of some gifts three year old boys will love.

Dress-up costumes

As boys advance into 3 year olds, they will trend towards pretend play. Pretend play is a very good developmental skill which help to promote thinking skills and imagination. There are some very good toys available which promote pretend play. Dress up clothes are one of the best ways kids can literally take on the role of a character. Firefighters, police, knights, pirates, army men, animals and other costumes are all available from retailers. Costumes can be expensive. To make the most out of them consider purchasing a costume which promotes pretend play for Halloween. After trick-or-treat is over, the costume can be reused many times. If you have free time and some creativity, help your child make a costume. Use old boxes and tin foil to make a robot or make a crown with construction paper and glitter.

Sand and water table

Letting a 3 year old boy play with the sand and water at the beach is usually one of their favorite things to do. Most people do not have the luxury of having a beach close enough to play at regularly. The next best thing is to bring the beach to them. Sandboxes or sand and water tables offer a great way to allow boys to enjoy building sand castles in their backyard. Not only are sand and water tables useful for playing with sand, but they can be used for other messy play. Bubble blowing liquid, pretend dishwashing, mud, paint, and boats all work well in sand and water tables. The possibilities are nearly endless. The best thing about these play tables is it allows kids to pretend and be creative.

There are many sand and water table models available. Some tables have two sides to help separate the sand and water, but others are like small sandboxes on legs. The deluxe sand and water tables usually have a table cover to keep the cats out and a canopy or umbrella to help protect the little ones from the sun. The Step 2 Naturally Playful sand and water center is the top selling item in this category on Amazon.

Musical Toys

Musical toys at an early age can help any little Mozart develop their hearing and musical skills. One of the most unique musical toys which is well-suited for younger kids is the Saxoflute. Kids can make their own flute and play their instrument, making different sounds by covering the holes. Our boys loves this toy. Drums are another great instrument for small kids as they do not need a lot of skill to make a big sound. Remo, the maker of professional drum heads, has a kids line named Remo Kids Percussion. Remo's most popular drum for kids is their 10 inch diameter floor tom with mallet. Musical hand bells are another great instrument for 3 year olds because they make different notes and are easy to play. Schylling makes a musical bell set that also has notes on each bell and comes with songs with the notes matching the bells. This is nice because as kids grow they can try more difficult music. Less expensive music toy shakers also make great gifts for 3 year olds. Egg-shaped shakers and chiquitas are innexpensive, fun for kids and help promote rhythm and coordination.

Building Blocks

Building blocks like LEGO Duplo and Mega Bloks are perfect for little hands to help teach imagination and fine motor skills. The size of these building blocks is larger than the standard lego blocks to avoid the small parts. This also helps kids develop their fine motor skills since it is easier to put the blocks together and take them apart. LEGO offers some nice sets that appeal to 3 year-olds. Traditional favorites like the LEGO Duplo Police Station, LEGOville Fire Truck, LEGOville Bus, or the LEGOville Duplo Big Tractor. LEGO also offers Pixar sets from the Toy Story and Cars movies. There are various sets like the Toy Story Pizza Planet set, Toy Story 3 Duplo Space Crane, or the Cars Flo's Cafe set.

Mega Bloks offers Thomas the Tank Engine sets which are extemely popular with 3 year old boys. The Thomas Load'n Go, James on the Move, and Toby Hard at Work sets will all help interest boys in building with blocks.