Gifts For a 3 Year Old Girl

There are many great toys options available to promote 3 year old development which also appeal to girls. Kids this age are beginning to develop better fine coordination skills which opens up new toys and types of play to them.

Pretend Play

Toys that promote pretend play are very important childhood development tools for 3 year olds. Many girls love to emulate what they see everyday. At this age, a pretend grocery store can entertain kids for hours as they act out what they have seen during real life trips to the supermarket. The essentials for this type of pretend play is a cash register, money, a shopping cart or basket, and pretend food items. The cash register toy is probably the most important part of pretend-world grocery stores. There have been toy cash registers around for a long time. Right now, like most toys, things have advanced. Learning Resources offers the Teaching Cash Register. This cash register is larger than some other toy cash registers, is solar powered and comes with play money and a credit card. Kids love this toy register and instantly it creates a pretend world where someone can go shopping or manage a market. Kids can use blocks or other toys as items for sale in their pretend store. Empty cereal boxes (particularly the small single-serve size) and other clean grocery packaging can also be used. If you prefer more realistic play food toys, Step 2 makes a nice 101 piece play food assortment. Melissa and Doug also offer a highly rated Wooden Pantry Products set.

For the most realistic pretend grocery store consider Melissa and Doug's little shopping cart. This cart is very realistic. Our neighborhood grocery store has "little shopper" grocery carts for the kids which are great, unless we need to shop quickly (which is nearly all of the time!). These little pretend grocery carts fit a great need in our house, since the kids can act out grocery shopping on their own timeline. Melissa and Doug also offer an over the top Deluxe Grocery Store/Lemonade Stand. This item is expensive, but well made and will create a very realistic pretend shopping area.

Little People

Little People were first introduced by Fisher Price in 1959. They have remained popular ever since with both kids and parents because they are safe and fun for kids 3 and older. Many sets have a theme, like the Little People A to Z Learning Zoo Playset, but because the "Little People" character scale was kept consistent, the sets can all be played with together. Entire Little People villages and towns can be created from enough sets.

Starting in the early 2000's Little People VHS videos were included with many sets. The videos helped kids associate an identity with the characters they played with. These videos have now been compiled together in DVD collections of 10 videos and are available from Amazon. There is the Creativity Collection, Storytime Collection, Fun to Learn Collection, Friendship Collection, and more.

One the best holiday for kids is actually the special holiday Little People sets. Every year our kids love the day we get out all of our Christmas decorations. The unfortunate thing about holiday decorations is that most of them are fragile. Kids are constantly reminded to keep their hands off the decorations so they don't get broken. Our kids know that one of the boxes of decorations contains the Little People sets. These are decorations that they are encouraged to play with. They make excellent toys to help kids get into the holiday spirit. These sets would also be perfect for Grandparents who have a whole house full of delicate holiday decorations.

Musical Toys

Introducing kids to musical toys at an early age is great for long-term development. When considering a musical toy for a child of this age, select an instrument that is very easy to play, but is of a high enough quality to grow with them if they keep an interest in music. Musical bells make a great gift for a 3 year old. Schylling makes a musical bell set which is perfect for kids this age. Each bell is tuned for a specific note which are labeled on each bell. The set comes with songs that match the notes on the bells. Inexpensive egg-shaped shakers and chiquitas are fun for kids and help promote rhythm and coordination. These instruments also are easy to pick up and play immediately.

Pillow Pets

Pillow pets were one of the hard-to-find gifts of the 2010 holiday shopping season. Most stores were having trouble keeping any inventory because of their surprising popularity. Pillow Pets still remain popular today because kids love them. They make a great second pillow or a good TV pillow for kids. Kids love to name their pillow pet and carry them around with them. There are now other knock-off pillow animals like Happy Nappers, but Pillow Pets continue to develop new products that are appealing for kids. My younger kids each have one pillow pet and both what to add more pillow pets.