Gift Ideas For a 4 Year Old Boy

Finding gift ideas for a 4 year old boy is a pretty simple thing to do. Most 4 year old boys like many of the same things. They love to pretend, are very curious, and love games and toys that surprise them and teach them new ideas.


Four year old boys love dinosaurs. Boys are always impressed by big things. Dinosaurs are still the largest animals known to have walked on the Earth. This fact is not lost on the imagination of a 4 year old. The size, power, and mystery of dinosaurs feeds the imagination of a 4 year old boy. Boys can play for hours with toy dinosaurs and always want to know more about them. In today's world of books and media, there is a lot of gift ideas to help kids learn about dinosaurs. National Geographic for Kids offers the DinoPedia, touted as the most complete dinosaur reference ever. DinoPedia is a full encyclopedia of dinosaurs in one book. The book has lots of drawings and details to help answer all the questions kids have about dinosaurs. Parents will need to read information from the books to preschoolers, but there are plenty of pictures that kids can look through.

A spin-off of learning about dinosaurs is paleontology, which is the study of learning about the history of life on earth through fossils. A very entertaining video which introduces kids to paleontology is Digging For Dinosaurs. Digging For Dinosaurs makes a nice gift because the video is very age-appropriate for 4 year old boys. Paleontology is introduced through the zany Professor Fossilworth. Once kids are interested in paleontology, give them a gift to keep them interested. Scientific Explorer offers the "My First Dino Kit". In this kit kids use miniature paleontology tools to dig out pretend dinosaur bones. It keeps kids busy for hours trying to find all the bones to build glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs.

Four year old boys love to pretend and act out ideas in their imagination while they play. Dinosaur toys help them to fill the need for imaginative play. Large toy dinosaurs fill their need to control the action. Animal Planet offers the Big Tub of Dinosaurs which includes a nice collection of large colorful dinosaurs. For a cheaper set, a set of a dozen assorted dinosaurs, up to 6 inches long is available for around $10. A dozen dinosaur fossil toys are also available for around $10. These plastic fossils are great for burying in a sandbox so kids can keep busy trying to find the dinosaur fossils. One of the most popular ZipBin gift sets is the Medium Dinosaur Play Set. The ZipBin set has a very nice portable container that opens up into a very colorful dinosaur play mat. The set also includes 2 play dinosaurs. For the ultimate in dinosaur play the Imaginext robot dinosaur offers kids an old world dinosaur play pal using new technology. For kids who just want to hang out with a large dinosaur friend, the Melissa and Doug T-rex plush is very popular with 4 year old boys.

Science Discovery Toys

Starting kids off with an interest in science discovery at an early age will help them later in life. Science toys for a 4 year old should be age appropriate, but most important should provide interactive fun to keep kids interested.

The Junior Stomp Rocket is one of the best toys available for a 4 year old. Kid power provides the thrust necessary to launch these toy rockets into the air. This type of rocket toy help kids to understand the power of compression energy and experiment with the physics of flight. Since stomp rockets require such interaction, it is a toy that does not get boring.

For some added fun, a glow refill kit is available for the stomp rockets. This kit allows night launches. The glowing rocket is also fairly easy to find.


Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Thomas the tank engine is very popular among 4 year old boys. The many train and vehicle characters from the Island of Sodor capture the interest of preschool boys. Thomas and Friends television videos make good gifts for boys. If they have a favorite engine or train car, videos with multiple shows highlighting a particular Thomas and Friends character are available. For example, for fans of Percy there is "Percy and the Bandstand", "Percy's Chocolate Crunch", "The Best of Percy", "Percy & the Dragon and other Stories", "Percy's Ghostly Trick", and "Percy Takes the Plunge".

Thomas the tank engine toy train and track are also available as a wooden train set. The most popular reason people buy the Thomas wooden train sets is because of the high quality of the toys. Thomas wooden train sets have an old-world quality, much different than most of today's plastic toys. Thomas toys feel like they will have a long life span. You will definitely pay for the high quality of these toys so look for Thomas sale items when buying.


Creativity Toys and Supplies

Four is a good age to encourage creativity. There are many supplies that promote creativity in kids this age. Play Doh is great because it allows kids to safely create objects quickly. Since a 4 year old can lose their interest instantly, fast results are important. Play Doh is available in a variety of colors and many shaping toys are available such as molds and classics such as the ice cream swirl shop and the compression shape maker.