Gifts For a 4 Year Old Girl

Four year old girls love to receive gifts. Girls this age are now able to play more independently. The available selection of toys, books, and games for a four year old is greatly increased from 3 year olds. Keep in mind that developmental toys are still important, but girls this age will also want to discover popular toys that they notice other girls like.

Disney Princesses

The Disney Princesses are a huge brand for Disney and very popular with 4 year old girls. This is the age where many girls discover the princesses. It does seem that one third of most store toy departments for girls contains Disney Princess items. Don't let the commercialism of the Disney Princesses stop you from allowing girls this age to enjoy the Princesses. After all, the Princesses help girls discover a different feminine identity than boys their age. They see that girls can be beautiful, strong, and independent at the same time. From classic characters like Snow White, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), and Cinderella to newer Princesses like Belle, Little Mermaid, Tiana, and Rapunzel, there are many different Princesses for girls to identify with. There are a wide range of Princess Gift items available, but for a 4 year old, here are some popular choices:

Disney princess figure set

Disney Princess Figure Set

disney princess dinnerware set

Disney Princess Dinnerware Set

princess shoes

Disney Princess Shoe Boutique

princess wall decal

Disney Princess Giant Peel & Stick Wall Decal


Webkinz toys are very popular with 4 year old girls. Webkinz are stuffed animals that come with a digital code. The digital code is used online in the Webkinz website to adopt your pet online. Once the pet is adopted the child will have the same stuffed animal in digital form online with a "starter" bedroom with some starter "Kinzcash" (online pretend money). Kids can then play games to earn additional "Kinzcash" to buy food and drinks for their pet to keep it healthy. They can also purchase items to decorate and furnish their pet's bedroom or even add new rooms on to their pet's online house. An adult will need to help the child set up the account because an email address is needed in case the password for their pet is lost. The games are pretty simple, but kids may need some adult assistance to get started until they are familiar with how to navigate the website. New Webkinz are constantly being released, but some good pets for a 4 year old girl include the following

webkinz Yorkie

Webkinz Ribbon Yorkie

Webkinz pink pony

Webkinz Pink Pony

Webkinz guinea pig

Webkinz Guinea Pig

Webkinz Persian cat

Webkinz Persian Cat

Pet Purse

Four is a good year to introduce a purse. Aurora makes different girls purses which also include a plush pet. A pet dog or cat can be selected along with cute little purses that are perfect for little girls.

Poodle toy pet carrier

Fancy Pal Pretty Poodle Pink Pet Purse

toy kitten purse

Plush Fancy Pals Pet Carrier Princess Kitten

Musical Toys

Four year old girls now have enough coordination skills to try more difficult musical instruments. The cost of digital keyboards have dropped in recent years and the quality and ability to integrate them with a computer have improved. A starter guitar is also a good instrument to get kids interested in music. Two of my personal favorites for 4 year old girls is the super-saxoflute which is like a flute that comes in pieces and can be assembled in crazy shapes or the VTech KidiJamz Studio which is a music studo for making all types of sounds.

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Pretend Play Toys

Pretend play items are very popular with 4 year old girls. Pretend play is a very important development stage for kids where they can use their imagination to either mimic what they see adults around them doing or pretend to do something creative. From dress up clothing to pretend toys there are some great items available that are appropriate for this age.

Girls Beauty Styling Head

Many 4 year old girls like to have their hair braided or combed a certain way. Now that their own hair is growing longer they notice their hair and enjoy their mom, sister, or grandma when they brush their hair. Girls this age want to work on their own hair , but also like to pretend to brush others hair. For these girls a styling head makes a nice gift.

Barbie styling head

Barbie Loves Beauty Styling Head

Barbie Nikki Styling Head

Barbie Nikki Styling Head

Disney Princess Ariel Styling Head

Disney Princess Ariel Styling Head

Correlle Styling Head

Corelle Hairstyling Head