Gifts For a 5 Year Old Girl

Five year old girls are at the age where they look forward to gifts on their birthday or presents for holidays. Five is a big year for girls, since it is the year they transition from being a preschooler to a kindergartner. They are now old enough to do many more things on their own, but still enough of a young child that developmental toys make wonderful gifts.

Dress up

Girls of most ages love to dress up. Five year old girls are no different, and in their case playing dress up can actually provide development benefits. Imagination and healthy brain activity result as dressing up encourages girls to pretend play. The best way to promote this pretend play is to provide different outfits along with some pretend toys. Here are some ideas for 5 year old girls.

A cowgirl outfit complete with hat and vest. A rocking horse or toy stick horse make great accessories to complete the cowgirl theme.

A doctor outfit with traditional white coat. Find a doctor's kit with stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure gauge, and other fun toy medical items.

Kids love to mimic animals. There are some great animal costumes for kids that are not only cute, but will encourage kids to enter the pretend world.

A paleontologist with traditional tan explorer coat or vest and a tan brimmed hat. To complete the dinosaur explorer theme, add some plastic digging tools, a dust brush (paint brush), and a sketch pad.

Two-Wheel Scooter

The most popular 2 wheel scooter is the Razor Kick Scooter. Razor's scooters are lightweight and fold up for storage in the back of a mini-van or car trunk. Safety protection such as a helmet and elbow and knee pads are recommended to keep kids safe, particularly when they are just learning to ride.


Dolls are a hit or miss gift prospect for 5 year old girls. Some girls this age enjoy playing with dolls more than any other toy, but others are not that interested. Find out if the girl likes dolls and what type of play they enjoy. There are generally two types of dolls. The first group is baby dolls. Girls who like baby dolls enjoy pretending to take care of a baby. A baby doll makes a perfect gift for a girls who will soon be having a new baby brother or sister in the house. She can get used to caring for a baby and then once the baby has arrived she can pretend to care for her baby doll, just like her parents are caring for their new baby. The second group of dolls is fashion-oriented dolls. Fashion dolls include Barbie dolls, Bratz, and American Girl dolls. Girls who like to dress up themselves may also enjoy color coordinating their dolls wardrobe. The accessories are almost limitless for fashion dolls. The Barbie brand was immortalized in the recent Toy Story 3 movie with the amount of accessories available for their dolls. Generally, American Girl dolls are not recommended for five year old girls because they are a little young. These dolls and accessories are very expensive so if buying for a five year-old, make sure they are the type of child who takes responsibility and cares for their toys.

Board Games

Five is a great age to encourage board games. Many board games help kids to think in new ways and improve memory and reading skills. Here are some good board games for 5 year old girls.

Sequence for Kids - Like regular sequence, but uses animal cards

Richard Scarry Busy Town Solve mysteries by finding objects on the board

ThinkFun Zingo Very fun Bingo-like game with a twist

Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Fun game to give kids a head start on math