Gift Ideas For a 6 Year Old Boy

There are a wide range of gift ideas that would be suitable for a 6 year old boy. Boys typically turn 6 the year they are in Kindergarten. In recently purchasing gifts for my son who turned 6 and gifts for his friends' birthday parties, I have observed some good present options that the boys seem to enjoy. Hopefully these gift suggestions will help you narrow your own gift search.

Gifts to Improve Reading Skills

Providing gifts in this category is most parents dream. Early reading skills are important for 6 year old boys. While parents, will certainly encourage reading gifts, kids may be more interested at first with toys and video games. One of the best ways to encourage reading in kids is to give them books and reading material on subject they enjoy. For example, a boy who loves Star Wars will love early reader books on Star Wars characters or stories. Some great early reader books are:

Bob Books

Dr. Seuss Books

Star Wars Books for younger readers


Baseball Gifts

Baseball is a great sport for 6 year old boys. Teamwork, hand-eye coordination, running, throwing, and catching are all great skills boys learn when playing baseball. A batting tee is one of the most important practice devices available to help kids learn to hit. Batting tee's allow kids to develop a good swing, which is the foundation for all hitting. Tee's can be used alone or with the help of an instructor. If the six year old has younger siblings, the batting tee also allow the younger ones to play in a tee-ball game.

Soft-cover baseballs (Tee balls) or Jugs lite-flite baseballs are also a great gift for boys who like baseball. Soft cover balls are the same size, weight and feel of a regulation ball, but they have padding under the cover to provide a safer, more comfortable ball to play with for younger kids. Lite-flite balls are the same size as regulation baseballs, but are much lighter. They are so light they can be comfortably caught with bare hands, but still travel well when hit.

Once the baseball swing is mastered, hitting a moving pitch is the next step for a hitter. The Jugs Hitting Tee and the Macgregor Batting Tee are two very well made hitting tees that will last for years. The SKLZ Youth Swing Trainer allows a parent to simulate pitching without requiring them to go chase balls. This tool is very helpful for young players to learn hand-eye coordination. They are not only for young kids though, junior high school and high school baseball teams also use them for training tools.

Two-Wheel Scooter

A two wheel scooters are very popular with six year old boys. These lightweight scooters allow kids to quickly scoot around the neighborhood. The fold up easily for carrying or storage in a trunk or the back of the mini-van. Wearing a helmet is recommended when riding a two-wheel scooter to avoid head injuries. Razor makes their own helmet for this purpose or use a bicycle helmet. It is also highly recommended to have kids wear elbow and knee pads.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS games are extremely popular with 6 year olds boys. The new Super Mario Bros., LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Scribblenauts, Sonic & Mario Olympics, Donkey Kong Miniland Mayhem, and Pokemon (Pokemon Heart Gold, Pokemon Black, Pokemon White or Pokemon Platinum) are all very popular games with 6 year old kids. Nintendo literally owns the patent on the most popular games for 6 year old boys. Of these games, only LEGO Star Wars is available outside of the Nintendo game platform.

Japanese-style game gifts: Bakugan/Pokemon/Beyblade

Bakugans - This series of card game/toys is similar to Pokemon, but adds the rollable magnet toy Bakugan balls. Bakugans fluctuate in popularity, but because the Bakugan Nintendo Wii games and Bakugan cartoon series remain popular, boys seem to continue to stay interested. When boys like Bakugans it is a can't miss gift. They can be especially good gifts your kids can give a boy for a birthday party gift, if their friends enjoy Bakugan toys.

There are other card games/character series that are also in this category including Pokemon and Beyblade Metal Fusion. Pokemon was one of the first types of games like this available in the United States and Europe. The Pokemon games are built around a character playing card set that is updated about every year. Pokemon has one of the most loyal followings with their very popular Nintendo Video games. Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are two of the best selling games available on the Nintendo DS. Boys also like toys from these brands. Pokemon was not built around a physical game like Bakugan, it is a card game, although Pokemon has recently developed toys similar to Bakugan. Beyblade Metal Fusion is a little different. Beyblade uses a classic toy, the spinning top, as the basis for its game. Each Beyblade player has a top which is launched into a Beyblade Battlefield. The last Beyblade that is spinning is the winner. This game is actually pretty neat since it uses the classic top game. All three are Japanese-style character concepts with a world of characters with different strengths and powers that battle each other. These worlds of characters are typically very interesting for 6 year old boys because they are mysterious.

Event Tickets Gift

Surprise the 6 year old with tickets to a special event. Tickets to a baseball game, amusement park, Disney on Ice, or even a movie makes a great gift. They will enjoy the surprise and have something to look forward to later.

Gift Buying Tips:

If your child is invited to a 6 year old birthday party, take a clue from the invitation. If the birthday party has a theme or characters on the invitation card, it is likely that the child enjoys the theme or characters. For example, if the party invitation has Lightning McQueen on the card, a Cars Hot Wheel set or Lightning McQueen toy car would likely be a great gift.

Do not take them to a toy store and ask them what they want for their birthday. At 6, they will likely want about a third of all the toys in the store. You will leave the store frustrated and they may leave the store in tears. Instead be more discreet when asking about interest in gifts. For example, say something like this, " I saw your friend Billy has Hot Wheels. Do you like to play with the Hot Wheels when you go over to Billy's house?"


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