Gifts For a 6 Year Old Girl

There are many great gifts for a 6 year old girls, from gifts with a spin on classic toys for girls to new trendy gifts. Six year old girls are beginning to read, which opens up new gift possibilities. They are also increasingly becoming aware of their appearance, so there are some new needs to fill.

Gifts to Improve Reading Skills

Reading is a very important skill to learn at this age. Encouraging reading is one of the best ways to support a child's development. At six, girls are in Kindergarten, heading towards becoming a first-grader. Most of the beginning reader books or level 1 books are appropriate for this age. These books utilize commonly used words, which mainly contain 3 to 6 letters, to tell a story. There are usually illustrations to reinforce the concept of the story to make the book easier to follow. Find a topic that is interesting and look for this book level. If the six year old is more advanced in reading, consider an easy reader or level 2-3 book to continue to enhance their newly learned skill.

Pretend Pet Gift

Many 6 year old girls would love to have a pet of their own. Pets are fantastic, but if you do not have the time or will to help them care for their own pet, there are alternatives. Fur Real offers Furreal Friends which are lifelike pets that do many things that real pets can do. Fur Real offers puppies, kitties, a baby elephant, and even a pet pony. Pillow Pets also offer girls a pretend pet that also dubs as a pillow. These cute little pillows are good for bedtime or head rests for watching TV or traveling in the car. There are many different Pillow Pets available such as a dog, sheep, bumble bee, pig, hippo, and turtle.

Fancy Dress Up Gift

Six year old girls love to dress themselves up. They love fancy accessories for their hair and, like girls of all ages, they love jewelry. There are some creative kits available for girls who are interested in fashion design. Project Runway and Fashion Angels are two of the most popular brands making girls fashion design sets. Fashion Angels offers the Design a Heavenly Wardrobe kit, the Fashion Design Portfolio, the Make-up Artist Sketchbook, and the Fashion Design Sketch Book. Project Runway offers the Fashion Design and Illustration Studio set, the Travel Fashion Design Light Box set, and the Fashion and Figure Drawing Set. There are also some nice kits for girls to make their own jewelry like Alex Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Making Kit, Stick N Style Blinglets, or the Melissa & Doug Sweet Hearts Wooden Bead Set. Stores like Justice and Target carry a lot of hair and jewelry selection that is appropriate for 6 year old girls.

Scooter Gift

Two-wheel scooters are nearly passing bicycle sales. There is a reason. Two-wheel scooters are very inexpensive, easy to learn to ride, easy to store, and 5 scooters fit easily in a trunk or back of a mini-van. Try that with bicycles. Most kids are able to learn to ride a two-wheel scooter before they can ride a 2-wheel bicycle without the training wheels. Just like a bicycle, 2-wheel scooters require the use of a helmet. Unlike bicycles, 2-wheel scooter riders should also wear knee and elbow pads. The most popular scooter sold is the razor kick scooter in pink or red (for girls).

Art Supplies Gifts

Girls love to be creative. Consider giving the gift of art to a 6 year old girl. Classic art supplies are great for this age. Non-toxic paints, watercolors, and markers give girls the color they need to express themselves. Do not forget to get the right type of paper for the paint or marker. Water colors require a special paper so the paper does not wrinkle or shrink from the water content. Paints and markers are best used on a thicker stock light colored paper. Sculpting supplies are also good for 6 year olds. Skip the Play-Doh, which is a good non-toxic material for younger kids, but easily dries out. Plastalina clays offer a non-toxic sculpting material that is wax-based instead of water-based. This change in composition results in avoiding air-drying of the clay. Plastalina clays are also stiffer than their water-based counterpart which is good and bad. Stiffer clays allow larger objects to be sculpted and finer details to be created in the clay, but working with a wax-based clay takes more hand strength than softer water-based clays. Fortunately, there are inexpensive. wood sculpting tools that would be fine for kids to use, if they are taught how to use them safely.

A good quality plastalina clay is made by Van Aken. Van Aken offers plastalina modeling clays in many different kid-friendly colors, which adds more creativity to clay sculptures. The colored clays are offered in 4 color sets which total 1 pound of material in many different stores such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Dick Blick Art Supplies. The Van Aken clays can also be ordered online from Amazon.


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