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Gifts For a 7 Year Old Boy

Finding great gifts for a 7 year old boy starts with understanding a little about the boy's personality and understanding his interests. Seven year old boys have more toy options because physically and mentally they are now more mature. They can now read, so games and other activities that previously required someone to read to them are now available anytime. Physically they have better coordination skills and understanding of safety to be able to do more things and play with a wider range of toys. Some of the gift ideas below for a 7 year old boy reflect their abilities at this age.

Remote Control Car

Remote control cars are great gifts for a 7 year old boy because boys this age love to be in control of things. Remote control cars give them the feeling of power, but also expand their imagination as they drive their vehicle and pretend. Technology improvements have made remote control cars much more affordable, in fact the cost of a RC vehicle is about the same as an average video game. If you think about the comparison, kids will get much more fun out of an RC vehicle than an average video game.

BeyBlade Metal Fusion

BeyBlade Metal Fusion Battle Tops are the hottest toy right now for 7 year old boys. These toys are actually quite nice. BeyBlades are really just metal tops. These are not just ordinary tops though. BeyBlade is a game where the last top spinning wins the match. There are multiple types of BeyBlades including "attack", "defense", and "stamina". The different types of tops are used to either stop the opponents BeyBlades or spin the longest. Adjustments can be made on the tops including changing the tips to fine tune performance. It is an entertaining game, that is fun, based on a classic toy, and actually teaches kids something about physics.

Family Games

Many board games and family fun games were developed prior to video games, Blue Ray players, and even cable TV at home. Most would think that classic popular games like Monopoly and Clue, which were developed years ago, are the only good family games available that would also appeal to a 7 year old boy. This is not the case. There is a new explosion of board games and family fun games that are being encouraged by the ease of company start-up and marketing of products on the internet. The big board game companies no longer control the entire game market. Here are some great family fun games that are appropriate for a 7 year old boy.

This very fun game is a combination of Set and Scrabble. This game teaches kids pattern recognition and how to develop strategy. The average game is about 45 minutes and kids older than 7 will also enjoy the game.

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This is a simple to learn, but fast-paced game of matching. The object is to match cards and try to keep them before other players make matches to take them away. You will not have to worry about trying to keep kids attention while playing this game. Play is very fast!
Set is one of the best games available to give kids a mental workout. This fast paced game requires players to quickly match an aspect of three different cards. Some of the matches are difficult to see at first, but once they are pointed out they will be clear. It is a very good game for brain development and also fun.
blink card game Blink is a two player card game. Rounds are over very quickly (a few minutes). Players match different aspects of the card in an effort to quickly make a match to get rid of their cards. This game is a little like Pit, but does not require trading. Blink is easy to learn, takes up only the space of a card deck so it is very portable, fun, and very fast-paced. Kids will keep occupied with this game without the need for any electronics.
Scrambled States is a popular game based on Laurie Keller's story. Quick observation and knowledge of states helps players win the game. This is the best game available for helping to teach kids about U.S. geography. It is great for parents, teachers, or home schooling.
Spot It is a matching game that requires quick thinking. This is a great game for younger players because reading is not required. It is good for improving attention skills and quick cognative skills.
Electronic Hyperslide is similar to air hockey with a twist. It can be a single player or two player game. The object is to shoot a puck through the goal (either side). The twist is that the game calls out the color of the puck. The correct puck color must pass through the goal for the points to count. This game offers cheap fun that can be played on any tabletop or smooth floor.

Chess Set

The starting age for chess is typically about 7. By this age kids have enough skill to understand the chess moves and development of strategy. Chess is a great game and is thought to improve brain development in kids, but it is not the most popular game with 7 year old boys in the age of instant entertainment. For boys who like to think and win, this game is for them.

Super Mario Chess - This unique chess set, which is perfect for 7 year old boys, will draw the interest of players who were not originally interested in chess. The very well-made Mario Bros. characters replace traditional chess pieces, but are labeled with the chess equivalent to help teach kids how to play chess.
No Stress Chess - This a great game for new players. No Stress Chess is a combination of chess and a card game. Players draw a card which depicts a typically chess move for a specific piece. The cards not only help players who do not know how to play, keep the game moving, they teach them the moves of each piece. More cards are draw for advanced games so the player has more choices of moves.
Chess for Children book - This book is the perfect book for a beginning chess player to read. Chess is taught in the book through a character, George and his pet alligator Kirsty.


LEGO sets are very good to improve kids' ability to follow instruction to build something. This is a very important life skill, particularly for boys today. There are not as many opportunities for kids to be able to make something with their hands. LEGO sets fill this need. There are many popular series that match the likes of 7 year old boys including the very popular Ninjago, Star Wars the Clone Wars, Space, and LEGO City.

LEGO Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack

LEGO Star Wars Clone Tropper Battle Pack

LEGO Space Shuttle

LEGO City Fire Truck


Science Toys

Science is a great subject to introduce during early elementary. Seven year old boys are at a great age because they can now read and their level of interest in new subjects is typically very good at this time. Science toys make a great gift for 7 year old boys, but the toys should be entertaining so science does not become a boring subject. Here are some toys that teach kids something about science and are fun for kids, which will hopefully result in a life-long interest.

Stomp Jr. With Glow Kit - This kid-powered rocket can be launched to heights up to 100'!

Ultimate Fossil Kit - Set of 15 Real fossils which are not easy to find.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 - Introduce kids to electronic circuits and electrical engineering with over 100 projects.

Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit - Learn some new ways to make fly with this kit.


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