Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls

The best gifts for 8 year old girls should help them to continue to develop skills and find new ways to establish their own identity.



Arts and Craft Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Creativity is a nice life skill. There are many different art and craft sets available that encourage this skill. In the end, the sets also yield crafts that can be keepsakes for the girls or given away to family and friends for gifts.


Shrinky Dinks Jewelry Kit

Shrinky dinks are little design shapes that are colored or writen on with a maker then shrunk, using heat. The design colors then lock-in and the materials can be used to make the jewelry. 152403_October Coupon Code Banner - 300x250

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Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is great for girls to customize the design. Sticky design pieces are used to decorate the jewelry box which makes this project less messy than other custom jewelry box kits.

Alex Toys, My First Sewing Kit

Give girls a gift that will help them develop a lifelong skill of sewing. This kit comes with everything needed to make different sewing projects including a stuffed animal. It will help girls learn the basics of sewing so at the least they will be able to sew a button back on their clothing later in life.

Simply Needlepoint: Butterfly

This small kit offers girls a nice starter set for doing needlepoint. In this kit simple instructions are provided so girls can create a butterfly design.

My Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

This is a great gift for girls or is a great activity for girls at a birthday party or for a girls group like Brownies or Girl Scouts. Girls can make their own bracelet designs and then give their creations away or keep them to wear.

A New Bike for 8 Year Old Girls

Eight is a great year to give a girl a new bike. Eight year old girls are more responsible and coordinated. Prior to this age many girls still have their 16" or 18" bikes which now seem a little small. Step up to a bike with multiple speeds so she can ride greater distances using less energy. At 8, most girls will fit a 20" bike. Unless they are very tall, this bike size should last them until they are between 11 and 12. There are some very good 18 speed and 21 speed bike available for kids this age. Raleigh, Schwinn, and Pacific are some bike manufacturers that make 20" bikes for girls.

Fashion Gifts for Girls

Girls fashion sense begins at a surprisingly early age, but a growing number of girls experience an awareness of their appearance in elementary school. Girls who place an importance on their appearance at this age love to receive fashion gifts. Most girls are not allowed to try makeup at this age unless it is for pretend play or for a special occasion. There are a growing number of fashion related toys that provide fashion toys that are made just for girls. Here are some fashion gift ideas.

Nail Art Salon Set - A nail kit designed for kids. This kit includes a hand rest, emery board, nail polish, stickers, nail art pens and rhinestones. Great for a girls party!
Faber Castell Pretty Pedicure Salon - This set is great for mother-daughter time or for a girl's party. This salon set includes everything needed for girls to set up their own pedicure station at home.
Project Runway Make Up Artist Studio Box Set - Gives girls a sample of the tools of a professional make up artist. This set comes with colored pencils, sketch sheets and a design guide so they can develop their styles. It also has a 20 color make up palette with 4 different applicators.
Designer Doodles: Over 100 Designs to Complete and Create - This is a great book for girls who love to draw, but also like fashion. There are many different fashion design sheets that girls can draw and add color to create their own design.
Project Runway Travel Fashion Design Light Box - This very unique fashion design set uses a lightbox to showcase different design selections. Girls add the color for the outfits and can even create their own designs for the lightbox.

Movies For 8 Year Old Girls

The Princess Diaries 1 and 2 - Both of these charming movies feature a young girl who finds out she is a real princess and how she learns to take on her new role.

Enchanted - A modern fairy tale with comedy focused on true love

Switching Goals - This classic Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie has a soccer theme and story girls love.

Hotel for Dogs - Good story about kids trying to keep a family together



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