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Gifts For a 9 Year Old Boy

Nine year old boys love to receive gifts for their birthday, Christmas, or other holidays and special occasions. My wife and I have experienced the joy of being able to provide gifts for one son who was recently 9. We also were able to buy birthday presents for many of our son's friends. In researching his likes and his friends likes, we were able to learn a lot about some of the toys and gifts 9 year old boys really enjoy receiving as presents. Here is a list (in no particular order) of gifts that have brought happiness to some boys this age.

Magic Set

With the popularity of the Harry Potter series, also comes boys' interest in magic. We all know that magic, in terms of Harry Potter, is fiction, but magic can be good in some ways. Think of a magician performing at a show. Good magicians need to be able to talk to their audience so they can distract them from the slight of hand. Encouraging kids to present a magic show is a good way to help them overcome a life-long fear of performing and speaking in public. The number one fear of most people in America is speaking in public. For the few who are comfortable speaking in front of others, there are less barriers to great jobs. Performing a magic show in front of family in friends can be the first step to development of comfort for a boy in front of others.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set - High quality magic set with very good tricks

Spectacular Magic Show with Performance Table - 100 magic tricks, magic hat, and instructional video

Melissa & Doug Incredible Illusions Magic Set - More high quality magic tricks from Melissa & Doug


Sports Equipment

Generally, boys want to play sports and compete with other boys. The age of 9 is a great age to try out new sports before boys who only train in one sport dominate the teams. For success in each sport some basic skill is needed. The only way to gain valuable basic skills is to practice. There are some good sports training tools that are appropriate for 9 year olds.

Soccer Ball Bungee Training Tool


Franklin Sports MLB Pitching Machine



LEGO sets appeal to ages much less than 9, but many parents make the mistake of giving a child a LEGO set that is too difficult to build at a younger age. Many LEGO sets are very complicated and better toys for boys 9 and up. In additional many of the LEGO themes are designed for kids this age.

LEGO Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue

LEGO Star Wars Echo Base

LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Match

LEGO Indiana Jones Ambush in Cairo


Model Train Set

Model train sets have been popular with boys 8-12 for many years. At 9, boys have the ability to set up and operate a model train set on their own. This is a pretend toy that is very interactive and considered cool with boys this age. The best way to get started with a model train set is a starter set that comes with the train, track, and some scenery. You must first decide what scale train set to purchase. The most popular scale is the HO scale which is easier to find in retail stores. Some retail stores also carry N-scale is wich much msaller than HO. Many different sets an accessories including model buildings and lanscape can be purchased for either HO or N-scale online or at specialty model train stores.

Bachmann HO Scale Model Train Set

Bachmann N Scale Model Train Set

Movies for 9 Year Old Boys

There are some good movies for 9 year old boys that provide both quality entertainment and a lasting message. Nine year old boys are in a time period of development of their character. Why not provide some movies that help shape that character in a positive way.

Rudy - Teach them about following their dreams

The Pride of the Yankees - Teach them about responsibility

WALL-E - Loyalty, hard work, and never giving up.



300x250 Melissa&Doug 35% off

Science Toys

Here are some ideas for science related toys that 9 year old boys will think are very cool.

The Ultra Stomp Rocket - This kid-powered rocket can be launched to heights up to 200'!

Chemiluminescience Blue Light Kit - Mix liquids to make a glowing blue light

Break Open Real Geodes Science Kit - Come with 6 read geodes all with one of a kind crystals.

Ultimate Fossil Kit - Set of 15 Real hard to find fossils.

Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 - Teach kids about electronic circuits and electrical engineering basics.


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