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Kids helmet camera

Extreme Kids Gift - Action Helmet Camera from Midland


This awesome action helmet cam is great for teenagers or kids who want to record themselves in action. The helmet is easily mounted to a helmet, bike or board to capture all the action. The price of the compact helmet video camera technolgy is now amazing low, about the same price as a video game.

$60 or less from Amazon

Baseball or Golf
Net Return Pro Indoor Batting Cage
Who says you can't play
ball in the house?
Amazon $495
  • Indoor batting cage
  • kids baseball and golf net

Net Return Pro Multisport Net


Give tenns excellent practice for baseball, golf, football and soccer skills. The practice net not only allows players to practice in a small space (even indoors if they have the height!), it also returns the ball back in a controller manner. The Net Return Pro can absorb any type of sports ball and return it perfectly every time.

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  • Girls Hair Chalk
  • Temporary stylish hair chalk for girls

Metallic Glitter Hair Chalk


Hair chalk for the teen diva. Offers a great way to temporarily change your style. The metallic glitter hair chalk is easily applied and lasts about 3 days.

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use hand gestures to control a computer

Microsoft Kinnect for Windows


The Kinnect for Windows bring more than just the XBox experience to a PC. Kinnect has an open developer platform. With a huge amount of apps, games, and cool tools like controlling a PC without the mouse, using only hand gestures, on the way, the future is bright.

$29.99 from Amazon

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